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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

Walk-In Fume Hood Designs

Isolated Spaces for Multipurpose Laboratory Research

Customized Walk-In Fume HoodsPSA Laboratory Furniture makes it easy to work in isolated conditions with our walk-in fume hoods. These hoods are designed to reach the floor to create a complete seal for your work area. Each has enough space for users to set up the large research equipment and still have room to move around.

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Every technician can safely work on their own without the risk of interference from others in the lab. Our laboratory furniture experts have installed, tested, and certified many walk-in fume hoods at facilities around the world. Give us a call to learn how we can add ventilation to your labs.

Walk-In Fume Hood Installation & Certification Testing 

PSA delivers biosafety materials and provides expert installation for high-performance fume hoods for laboratories around the globe! Once you have selected and installed the high-performance fume hood for your lab, PSA Laboratory Furniture will evaluate your hood to achieve face velocity requirements and all other necessary certifications. Through our testing service, every part of your new fume hood will be checked for by local, national, and industry standards for internationally accredited ventilation certification. We maintain and exceed standards in ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST & ISO & NSF-Compliant lab inspections.  

Testing and Certification Inspections we provide include:


Walk-In Fume Hood Models

At PSA Laboratory Furniture, we offer two models for you to consider: the B-9660 and B-9680. View their specifications below:

Model Hood Width Exhaust Collar CFM S.P. Sash Opening
B-9660 72" 12" Round 1,575 .47" 31" x 62"
B-9680 96" 2" x 9" Round 2,275 .57" 31" x 86"

Not sure which model is right for your lab? Our professional designers will answer your questions to help you create a customized lab.

Professional Lab Design and Remodeling Service

Starting with an initial CAD drawing, PSA Laboratory Furniture designers build labs from the ground up. We incorporate safety features like fume hoods into the final design. We also offer stainless steel casework, traditional wood cabinetry, and other lab fixtures. Design your new lab with our expert guidance.

Be sure to include:

Order your next walk-in research fume hoods from PSA Laboratory Furniture today!

PSA provides fume hoods for the following industries: 

Sophisticated Laboratory Furniture Design Solutions for Every State

We design top-quality lab research equipment that becomes part of your facility and research process. Our certified lab design experts will implement the best solution for your facility from cabinets and benches to advanced fume hoods and ventilation systems. 

States we work in:

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico  South Dakota
Alaska  Idaho  Michigan New York  Tennessee 
Arizona  Illinois Minnesota  North Carolina  Texas
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Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
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