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Custom Laboratory Design and Installation in New Mexico

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Highest Quality Custom Lab Furnishings

Albuquerque skylineRemodeling an existing lab? Building a new laboratory? Get in touch with PSA Laboratory Furniture.

Based in Wisconsin, we’ve designed, built and installed custom furnishings for labs all across the US and in foreign countries, too. With decades of experience in custom CAD designs for all types of laboratories, we are uniquely positioned to handle any lab installation you are planning.

PSA Laboratory Furniture has designed and installed labs for:

Quality, US-Made Lab Furnishings Priced for the Real World

We’re big believers in supporting US companies, so all the lab cabinets and equipment we offer are American-made products. The quality is superior to any of the foreign-made products we’ve seen, and the manufacturers are consistently able to deliver their products in a timely manner.

We realize budgets aren’t unlimited, so our design specialists will work with you to identify the best possible lab furnishings for your budget. You’ll then be provided an upfront quote for your new lab, from faucets to fume hoods.

Countertop options:

Fume hood options:

Professional Installation Available in New Mexico

If you have a trusted installer you’ve worked with before, that’s fine. If you don’t, consider PSA Lab Furniture. Our installation team routinely travels throughout the US to ensure glitch-free installation of our laboratory systems.

New Mexico Laboratory Certification

PSA is committed to the safety of all lab workers. Any equipment or furniture we build or provide is thoroughly tested and approved by our certification experts to ensure compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards. We provide certification for all of our furniture.

Contact the lab furnishings professionals at PSA to discuss lab design and installation in New Mexico
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