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We Provide the Best Functional Lab Spaces from Salt Lake City to St. George

Our world-wide lab design services have been serving the engineering, pharmacy & government industries since 1983. We source award winning American-made lab furniture & equipment to all industries anywhere in Utah. Whether you’re researching health technology, or working as an aerospace engineer, we can custom design any laboratory environment.

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We personalize all lab designs for any of Utah’s top industries:

PSA Labs keeps you involved throughout the whole design & manufacturing process. That’s how we guarantee your satisfaction, no matter what industry we’re creating the lab for.

The Highest Quality Fume Hoods, Cabinets & Tables in Greater Salt Lake CityCustom Utah Lab Designs

We pride ourselves on our high-quality lab equipment made of durable material that’s guaranteed to last. Made in America, our craftsmanship is trusted all around the world. Every lab cabinet, table & fume hood comes with a promise of quality and peace of mind. We’re able to fulfill any custom design requests so your lab will be entirely functional, from the flexible systems to the personalized counter tops.

Some of our custom counter top materials include:

Professional Design & Installation for your Lab

No matter where your lab is located in Utah, we will make a visit to the site before any orders are finalized to ensure that we get accurate measurements and provide you with the most suitable product options. Once the order is taken and finalized, our qualified lab professionals will provide timely installation of all furniture & equipment.

Don’t worry about surprise costs. We provide an accurate initial price analysis & keep you updated if there are any changes along the way. Our number one priority is making sure you get the lab you need to fit your industry needs within a budget that works best for you.

Certification Testing for Utah Labs

Regardless of what industry your lab is for, our team of experts here in Salt Lake City will keep it within ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards. We provide ventilation testing & certification for fume hoods & all equipment that requires approval testing. All of our lab designs adhere to strict safety standards, keeping it ecologically friendly and safe for all employees.

Even after the initial certification process, we provide annual testing to keep your certification up-to-date. Any industry lab is eligible for certification, even if we did not design and install them.

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture to learn about custom design & installation for any Utah lab.
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