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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

Radioisotope Fume Hoods

Protect Your Lab from Radioactive Materials

Radioisotope Fume Hoods Radioactive Protection

Radioactivity is a serious concerns for labs across the globe. Without adequate protection, people and equipment can be destroyed by radioactive materials. The research papers of Marie Curie are still radioactive today due to radium and polonium exposure. Fortunately, PSA Laboratory Furniture provides radioisotope fume hoods to laboratories around the world, making work with radioactive substances safer for people and equipment.

It doesn’t matter what type of radioactive materials your chemistry, industry, and medicine researchers are handling. Fume hoods are essential for protecting users and the environment from exposure to radioactive materials such as:

  • Polonium
  • Radium
  • Strontium
  • Tritium
  • Radioactive waste

Handling different forms of research as safely as possible is the job of every laboratory technician, supervisor, and assistant in the workplace. Radioisotope fume hoods are necessary for protecting researchers and the surrounding space from being affected by radioactivity. PSA Laboratory Furniture has the essential products you need for keeping your employees safe – contact us today!

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Features of Lab Ventilation Systems

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PSA Laboratory Furniture designs new labs and remodels existing ones. We include everything from counters and casework to fume hoods and emergency equipment. Request a quote on a new lab design today when you order a radioisotope fume hood.

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