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North Dakota Laboratory Furniture Installation

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Chemical Fume Hood Design and Delivery Services for Bismarck

PSA Laboratory Furniture designs, delivers, and installs new lab casework to research and commercial facilities in North Dakota. The new oil fields to the north of the state have led to an increased need for high quality laboratories. Industries we serve include:

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Custom Lab Cabinets, Counters, & Equipment

Flag of North DakotaNo two labs have the exact same needs or functions. All of our cabinets, tables, chemical fume hoods and lab accessories are custom built to your laboratory specifications. We’ll work directly with you to determine the best materials and equipment for your lab.

Counter materials include:

Fargo Laboratory Furniture Installation

PSA Laboratory does more than design furniture: we deliver and install it too. No matter where you are located in North Dakota, we will handle the heavy lifting to set up your new lab facility. Our professionals ensure every piece of equipment fits perfectly.

Local North Dakota labs we’ve designed include:

North Dakota Laboratory Certification

Proper installation also leads to greater lab safety. We provide chemical fume hood ventilation testing and certification to our North Dakota clients. Make sure your lab has optimal performance and safety.

Contact the experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to discuss a lab design for your North Dakota facility.
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