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Wyoming Laboratory Cabinets Installation

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Furniture Design Services for Cheyenne Laboratories

Yellowstone National Park in WyomingPSA Laboratory Furniture designs and installs custom laboratory furniture and equipment across the state of Wyoming. With years of experience, we have designed labs for all types of major industrial and scientific research facilities:

At the start of the design process, we will consult with you to find the best options for your lab. This ranges from selecting safety features like chemical fume hoods and eyewash stations to colorful panels on your cabinetry. Our goal is to create a lab which is safe, functional, and ideal for your work conditions. Discover how our designers can transform your Wyoming lab!

Custom Flexible Furniture Systems

There’s more to designing labs than selecting a piece of furniture. Flexible furniture systems from PSA allow you to future-proof your lab. Rolling casters allow you to move around tables and cabinets to better suit your lab’s evolving needs. Ask our designers how we can make your lab adaptable with the right furniture options.

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Laboratory Furniture Delivery and Installation Services

Yellowstone National Park PoolSafe labs require properly installed equipment and furniture. The team of PSA Laboratory Furniture handle delivery and installation. Rest easy knowing your new lab casework is a perfect fit.

Wyoming labs we’ve designed and installed include:

Chemical Fume Hood Certification in Wyoming

PSA experts test chemical fume hoods after installation to ensure they meet certification standards. Our testing meets ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO, and NSF compliance.

Build a safe and functional lab for your Wyoming facility with PSA Laboratory Furniture today.

Contact the experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to discuss lab design and installation for your Wyoming workspace.
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