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Laboratory furniture and design

Lab Furniture for the Chemicals and Plastics Industry

Design New Furniture for Chemical Processing and Development Laboratories

There are thousands of facilities around the world dedicated to working with plastics and chemicals. PSA Laboratory Furniture designs, delivers, and installs furniture for labs within the chemicals and plastics industry. Our lab grade furnishings range from basic cabinets and counters to the latest fume hood ventilation equipment. We’ve worked with many chemicals and plastics labs and know exactly what equipment is necessary for optimum performance. Improve your workplace and design a new laboratory with PSA.

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Plastic Lab in the United StatesThe main industries served by chemicals and plastics are:

If you work in any of these fields, upgrade your lab with the latest designs from PSA Laboratory Furniture.

Professional Laboratory Design and Remodeling Services

We are global lab design experts. When it comes to maximizing space while ensuring it fulfills its purpose in a safe and efficient manner, we've got you covered. PSA Laboratory Furniture designers have built laboratories across every industry all over the world. Whether you are building a new lab from scratch or are working on a modern remodel, we will create a design, deliver and install the furniture, then test and certify the equipment.

Stainless steel lab furniture like counters, cabinets, and casework is perfect for facilities specializing in the chemical and plastics industries. Metal furniture carries the benefits of being sterile, non-porous, heat resistant and naturally resistant to chemical corrosion, among others. It is a durable option that will last for years to come. Contact us to for a quote on stainless steel or other metal casework for your new lab.

Fume Hoods Provide Safe Ventilation around Chemicals

Lab Fume Hood Chemicals InstallersConstantly working with chemicals can put workers at risk. Exposure to certain substances is heavily regulated in order to protect lab staff. One common requirement for chemicals and plastics laboratories is to utilize fume hood ventilation. PSA Laboratory Furniture is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of chemical fume hoods for labs in the Midwest, United States, and the rest of the world. These hoods keep labs ventilated when working with dangerous substances.

We install:

While designing your lab, we’ll determine which ventilation system will work best for your work. Our experts know which fume hoods are suitable within your lab. After installation we’ll test your ventilation system so your lab meets certification and safety standards.

Lab Furniture Outfitting around the World

We’ve designed and installed chemical and plastic processing labs across the United States. We’ve also outfitted international laboratories. Some of our US-based work includes:

  • Chemtool, Division of Lubrizol, Rockton, IL
  • Valspar, Wheeling, IL
  • Vantage Specialty Chemical, Gurnee, IL
  • 3M, Cordova, IL
  • Sigma Aldrich, Sheboygan Falls, WI
  • Brenntag Great Lakes, LLC, Menomonee Falls, WI
  • Rust-Oleum Corp., Pleasant Prairie, WI
  • Petroleum Accessories, Houston, TX
  • Oil-Dri America, Ochlocknee, GA
  • Enviroplas, Evansville, IN
  • Oakland Chemical, Rochester, MN
  • Mississippi Silicone, Burnsville, MS
  • Akzo Nobel, Reading, PA
  • AOC Resins, Collierville, TN

Based out of Wisconsin, we’re able to travel across the United States to install your new lab furniture. We’ll ensure every piece fits exactly as intended and provide testing of equipment. Check out our design gallery for examples of our work with safety fume hoods and steel furniture.

Chemicals and Plastics Lab Certification

Chemicals and plastics labs must meet various state and federal standards to operate. Our main lab testing and certification covers ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO, and NSF compliance. We certify chemical fume hoods, sterile clean rooms, and other controlled environments.

Receive a free quote on your new lab design when you contact PSA Laboratory Furniture. Our award-winning designers will work closely with you to create the best lab for your workspace.

Design furniture for a new chemicals and plastics laboratory with PSA Laboratory Furniture.
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