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Fume Hood in New LabPSA Laboratory Furniture has outfitted labs across the world. We have flexible furniture systems, fume hoods, casework in stainless steel and traditional wood, and plenty of accessories. See some examples of our work by going through our lab furniture galleries.

Laboratory Fume Hoods

Fume hoods provide safe ventilation in labs around the world. PSA Laboratory Furniture has designed, installed, and certified all types of fume hoods. This includes high performance hoods, snorkel fume hoods, and full-size walk-in hoods.

We also offer NSF-accredited fume hood testing and certification after installation. Labs in the Midwest should schedule their annual certification renewal from PSA Laboratory Furniture.

Laboratory Countertops

We design and install laboratory countertops in several materials, including:

Eyewash Station for Lab

Wood Laboratory Casework

Check out the classic hardwood lab benches and cabinets installed by PSA Laboratory Furniture. This traditional lab appearance is very popular with school laboratories.

Metal Lab Furniture

Metal cabinets and casework are found in labs all over the world. Stainless steel casework is durable, dependable and cost-effective. Made in America, our steel is given a baked-on epoxy powder coating.

Flexible Furniture Systems

See how labs have adapted with flexible furniture systems. Each piece of furniture can be easily rearranged to provide more workspace or room for new equipment.

Fixtures, Accessories & Lab Apparatuses

A lab design isn’t complete until it is fully outfitted with the fixtures and accessories necessary to operate. PSA Laboratory Furniture will design all the built-in laboratory apparatus your lab needs.

We take care of your new or remodeled lab from start to finish. We assist with the initial designs, finding the right furniture pieces, deliver them, and handle installation. Our award-winning designers work with you every step of the way to create an amazing new lab space.

Contact the laboratory equipment specialists at PSA Laboratory Furniture for a design consultation.

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