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American-Made Laboratory Casework Products

International Supplier of Lab Counters, Cabinets, Fume Hoods, and More

American-made Lab Furniture ProductsPSA Laboratory Furniture has offered cutting-edge laboratory design services, furniture sales, and ventilation equipment testing all over the world since 1983. Our lab products include everything a modern laboratory needs, from custom cabinets and countertops to flexible casework systems. We even have limited supplies of used furniture for labs on a budget!

Build your new or remodeled lab with American-made furnishing from PSA Laboratory Furniture. Request a quote today to get started.

With PSA you can design a laboratory outfitted with:

Don’t know what to include in your lab? PSA Laboratory is here to help by supplying everything a modern lab needs. You’ll work with a single point of contact during the design process to streamline communication and turnaround times. We’ll find the right cabinets, counters, and fixtures for your lab.

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Chemical & Heat-Resistant Lab Counters, Cabinets and Benches

Laboratory countertops are not created equal. Certain materials work better than others in different circumstances. A lab dealing with caustic chemicals will require different counters than a sterile clean room. Whatever your lab needs, PSA Laboratory Furniture has the best laboratory countertop materials to create long-lasting casework. Laboratory counters from PSA can be customized based on your daily workload.

Epoxy Resin Lab CountersWhen picking counter materials for your lab our designers consider:

And you should make sure your countertop doesn’t clash with the surrounding cabinetry! PSA Laboratory Furniture offers multiple counter materials suitable for every type of laboratory application. Option include:

Ask our experts to select the best countertop material for your laboratory. Your line of work may impact which type of counter is suited for your lab benches.

Stainless Steel Metal Lab Cabinet Outfitter and Installer

Metal lab cabinets from PSA Laboratory Furniture are your solution for effective storage and workspace. The metal cabinets are available in sitting or standing height as low as 15” and as high as 58”.

Standing-height Lab CabinetsOur cabinets come in many styles so you can customize your cabinets to your lab space:

Chemical cabinets from PSA are made from stainless steel, modular steel, high quality wood, and plastic laminates. All surfaces of the cabinets are painted or zinc plated in several standard colors. Submit your design specs or ask our team to come up with a cabinet design for your lab.

Wood Lab Cabinets and Benches

Hardwood lab furniture made from oak, maple, and cherry make beautiful additions to any lab. Wood benches come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Wall benches, islands, peninsulas and freestanding tables combine to create the ideal lab design layout. PSA Laboratory Furniture wood options are popular in school classrooms.

Stainless Steel and Modular Steel Lab Casework

Stainless steel furniture is popular in laboratories because it is so durable against impacts, abrasions, chemicals, bacteria, and heat. Steel lab benches can support up to 2,000 lbs! And the stainless finish will give your lab a highly modern look. Improve your lab’s form and function with our modular steel furniture.

Flexible Furniture Solutions for Evolving Lab Work

Freestanding flexible laboratory systems are the perfect for labs which need adaptability. Mobile and adjustable casework can be moved at a moment’s notice with ease. These systems include furniture made from stainless steel.

Flexible furniture system highlights:

Mobile furniture lets you reorganize your lab whenever you want to increase workflow. And if your lab is located in the United States, flexible systems can help your facility meet ADA standards.

Flexible Furniture with Mobile Casework

Used Lab Furniture Installation and Certification Services

New lab furniture from PSA can be fully customized to fit your laboratory. We also have a limited supply of used lab furniture, usually casework leftover from other lab installations. These “used” pieces are offered at a lower cost, though most of our new furniture is already more affordable than used furniture from other vendors. In addition to designing and installing laboratory casework, the experts of PSA provide fume hood ventilation testing and certification services. This testing is compliant with the following standards:

PSA Laboratory Furniture provides all you lab design needs from start to finish. Start building your lab and let us design, deliver, and install your new lab furnishings. Request a quote today!

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture to design custom casework for your laboratory.
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