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Professional Lab Design in New England

Vermont’s diverse scientific community makes it a natural home for high-quality lab furniture designed by PSA Laboratory Furniture. From government labs to award-winning academies, our experienced lab designers can fulfill every one of your laboratory needs. Request an estimate to learn more about our design consultations.

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High-Quality Lab Furniture and Equipment

PSA’s carefully crafted, American-made furniture is built to the highest standards. We offer a range of durable materials for construction, such as wood, laminate or modular steel. From design to installation, our globally-recognized designers work to make every piece of your lab an asset. We provide:

Our fully-customizable designs make the most out of your investment . We work with every labs of every budget, industry and size. PSA labs are individually made to suit your every need and specification.

Expert Laboratory Installation in Vermont

Once the design is complete, PSA has two options. You may select to have your furniture delivered and install it yourself. Or our team will complete your installation efficiently with a standard of work far beyond our competitors. Ask our experts which option is best for your budget and construction schedule. In every step of the process, PSA will work with you to make sure your lab is everything you wanted, and more.

New England Laboratory Certification

PSA labs are designed with your safety in mind. All of our laboratories are developed and built to stay within ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards, and we provide ventilation testing and certification for our equipment. Our labs and annual tests create a safe, eco-friendly environment for your research to grow while maintaining the highest standards in the industry.

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