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Design and Installation of High-Quality Laboratory Furniture & Equipment

Dartmouth CollegePSA Laboratory Furniture specializes in high-quality, American made laboratory furnishings, fume hoods and fixtures for all types and sizes of labs. Our clients range from high schools with chemistry labs to pharmaceutical companies with large, state-of-the-art laboratories. No matter what size budget you have, we can help you build or refurbish a lab. From initial design to final installation and certification, PSA Laboratory Furniture does it all.

A key point of difference with PSA Laboratory Furniture is our quick turnaround. We produce initial CAD drawings within just 48 hours of receiving input and specifications. Good communication is critical, so clients are partnered with a project specialist who serves as their single point of contact throughout the project. Calls and emails are answered promptly, and never passed on to someone who’s not involved in the project.

PSA Furniture provides professional design and installation for a wide range of applications throughout New Hampshire, including:

Why We Use Only High-Quality, American-Made Lab Furnishings

A laboratory is a significant investment, and you have every right to expect it will serve you well for many years to come. For this reason, we only work with American manufacturers. In our experience, US-made lab furnishings and equipment are far superior to anything being made abroad. Not only are the materials and workmanship better, but American manufacturers are far more reliable in delivering their products when needed. We also like the idea of supporting American businesses.

On a tight budget? Our design specialists work with you to identify the best possible equipment for your allotted budget. You'll be provided an upfront quote for the entire project, so there are no surprises halfway through. Installation is an option worth considering, but if you have a trusted installer you can choose to have them handle the installation.

Countertop options:

Fume hood options:

New Hampshire Laboratory Certification

PSA Laboratory Furniture is committed to the safety of all lab workers. Our in-house NSF-accredited laboratory inspectors provide both primary and secondary testing of lab equipment to ensure compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards.

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