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The Best Custom Designed Lab Furniture from Topeka to WichitaCustom Kansas Lab Designs

PSA Laboratory Furniture provides the nation’s best research and manufacturing lab designs with high quality American-made lab furniture. We source award winning designs to all industries across the globe, specifically throughout the Midwest.

We custom design furniture for all of the top industries in Kansas:

Award Winning Workmanship

Our creations are trusted all around the world, but we design & build all lab cabinets, tables & fume hoods locally. Lab design specialists work with you every step of the way while adhering to all safety standards to make sure we provide the most functional lab space for you.

All of our custom design products include:

Top Quality Design & Installation for any Lab in the Kansas

No matter where you’re located in the Midwest, a specialist from PSA Laboratory Furniture will visit your location – whether it’s for a redesign or new construction – to get accurate measurements & start the design process. From there, we’ll give you product suggestions that will work best for you. As soon as you’re happy with your custom laboratory design our qualified lab professionals will deliver and install all furniture within an agreed upon timeframe.  

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Strict Safety Standards for the Best Lab Results

All custom lab furniture goes through rigorous testing to ensure they meet ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF safety standards. We provide certification for all of our furniture.

Even after the initial certification process, we will keep your certification up-to-date with annual renewals. Any industry lab is eligible for certification, even if we did not design or install it ourselves.

Contact the lab experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to learn more about customizing your Kansas laboratory.
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