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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

Chemical Fume Hoods for Laboratories

High Performance Chemical Fume HoodsVentilation Systems Remove Harmful Materials from Labs

Chemical fume hoods play a vital role in containing or removing hazardous fumes, vapors or radioactive materials from a lab setting. Fume hood technology has continuously improved for more than 50 years to enhance safety, efficiency and ease of use. Properly installed and certified hoods allow laboratory personnel to work with harmful materials at close range, safely and conveniently.

PSA designs and outfits laboratories as a complete system and will help you choose the right model, design and positioning for operational safety and efficiency in the laboratory. Your choice of hood design and model depends heavily on your application. PSA Laboratory Furniture has extensive experience installing safety equipment for labs across all industry types throughout the world. View some of our latest work in our fume hood gallery.

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High Performance Laboratory Fume Hood Types & Features

PSA Laboratory Furniture has countless chemical fume hoods for safe lab ventilation. Numerous fume hood types are available based on your application:

High Performance Fume Hoods

High performance fume hoods have low flow for greater efficiency. They have lower installation costs and reduced operating costs.

Airfoil Bypass Fume Hoods

Airfoil bypass fume hood models reduce turbulence of airflow through the unit, improving efficiency and performance.

Add Air Fume Hoods

“Add air” fume hoods use a plenum to provide the majority of outside air required by the hood in a uniform, regulated supply.

Low Bench Fume Hoods

These hoods are designed for low benches, allowing ventilation of large equipment or other oversized objects.

Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods

Highly-corrosive perchloric acid is stronger than sulfuric acid and poses an explosion risk in labs. Perchloric acid fume hoods are designed to not react with this volatile inorganic acid.

Radioisotope Fume Hoods

Fume hoods designed for handling radioactive materials isolate radiation from users and from the environment. Radioisotope hoods are single-purpose and should not be used in any other application.

Walk-In Fume Hoods

Walk-in hoods reach completely or nearly-completely to the floor, allowing you to set up or manipulate large equipment inside the hood (while venting is disengaged).

Demonstration Hoods

Ductless demonstration hoods provide 360° of visibility for education, vocational training or workforce development applications.

Snorkel Exhaust Hoods

Local exhaust ventilation ducts, commonly called snorkels or elephant trunks, are mobile venting ducts designed to capture rising vapors (such as gases lighter than air).

Canopy Hoods

Canopy hoods are similar to snorkel hoods, except they remain in a single fixed position, much like a range hood in a kitchen.

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Fume Hoods

Variable air volume hoods are alternatively known as “constant air velocity hoods.” VAV hoods adjust air volume based on sash position, maintaining a constant flow velocity.

Thin Wall Fume Hoods

Thin wall fume hoods are functionally identical to standard hoods, but accommodate larger equipment by using thinner front posts. Special wiring or plumbing situations may preclude installation of thin wall hoods. 

Standard Chemical Fume Hood Features:

Available Fume Hood Options:

  • ¼" white ResChem liners
  • Zero-metal-parts hood interior
  • Vapor-proof fluorescent lighting
  • Molded epoxy spill containment work surface
  • Double-wall construction
  • Two (2) 115V duplex outlets
  • Vertical rising sash system
  • Stainless steel sash cable system
  • Integral sash stop
  • Cup sink and integral sinks
  • Remote control fixtures (gas, air, vac, steam, etc.)
  • Other outlet voltages – 110V/220V
  • Horizontal sashes
  • Combination horizontal/vertical sashes
  • Chain drive sash system
  • Explosion-proof construction

View our past work in our fume hood gallery.

Additional Fume Hood Options:

Lab Worker Using Biological Safety CabinetBiological Safety Cabinets

Biological safety cabinets (BSC) are similar to chemical fume hoods as they ventilate laboratory workspaces. However, BSC are specially designed for the removal of biological pathogens. Three different classes (Class I, Class II, and Class III) offer various levels of protection. The type your lab needs will depend on the pathogens used in your applications.

BSC are recommended for medical laboratories, food processing plants, and water and wastewater management facilities. Learn which class of cabinet is right for your work.

Environmentally-Friendly Hoods

Green chemical fume hood options include:

Custom hood sizes and materials are available. Talk to our chemical fume hood sales team for detailed options or visit Laboratory Fume Hood Energy Model to calculate your fume hood energy usage.

Double Sided Clear View Fume Hoods

Designing and Installing Lab Ventilation: Professional Experience Matters

A properly functioning fume hood can be the difference between a safe lab and a dangerous work environment. Fume hood placement is just as important as the type. The right location will ensure you have optimal ventilation for your work. Using CAD renderings, our award-winning lab designers will find the right placement for all your casework furniture, ventilation systems, and safety equipment.

PSA Laboratory Furniture offers professional fume hood installation and delivery. We handle every part of installation, including hooking up power and exhaust lines. We also offer to deliver materials only without installation services. In these cases, we offer phone support to ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

Fume Hood System Testing and Certification

To keep lab workers safe, fume hoods must meet or exceed regulatory ventilation compliance. This is mandated by the ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.5-2012 Standard for laboratory ventilation. Whatever fume hood you select, PSA Laboratory Furniture will provide ventilation testing and certification after installation. Our experts inspect every element so you know your fume hood works and meets industry standards.

For Midwestern labs in the US, we can provide regularly schedule certification so your lab stays safe and up-to-date. We cover ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO, and NSF compliance.

Remodel Your Lab with New Furniture

High Performance Green Fume Hoods

When designing the rest of your lab, consider the following features:

PSA Laboratory Furniture offers installation of all lab equipment, including fume hoods. Contact our team for a free quote on lab furniture designs, installation, and certification.

How to Improve Fume Hood Performance

Whether you are upgrading your current lab or building a new one from scratch, PSA Laboratory Furniture designers are ready to help you. Protect your new or remodeled laboratory with the latest high performance fume hoods.

Talk to PSA’s chemical fume hood designers to improve safety and reduce lab costs at your facility.
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