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Flexible Systems

Adapt to any space

Flexible Laboratory Furniture Systems

Trends in Modern Lab Design Favor Adjustable Systems

Freestanding flexible laboratory systems are a space-saving solution for labs which have multiple configuration needs. Locking casters let you rearrange metal benches and workstations as needed and vertical stands provide economy of space for necessary components and accessories. By using a flexible furniture system, you can instantly move around lab equipment and worktops where you need them when you need them.

PSA Laboratory Furniture is a global leader in award-winning laboratory design. Our team of professional lab designers knows what industry leaders want and need in their research and test labs. Design for the future.

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 Flexible systems are a space-saving solution for labs

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of PSA's Flexible Laboratory Furniture:

  • Counters and shelves adjust easily in 1" increments
  • Fast, easy reconfiguration with minimal downtime
  • Table height can be fixed or adjustable
  • Tables and cabinets can be permanent or mobile
  • Efficient use of floor space
  • Improves lab ergonomics
  • Cabinets available in wood, laminate and steel
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant fume hoods

Lab Accessories
for PSA's Flexible Furniture:

  • Work surfaces & pegboards
  • Laboratory apparatus
  • Overhead and under bench shelving and/or cabinets
  • Localized exhaust systems
  • Computer and monitor peripherals
  • Power modules
  • Task lighting

Flexible Laboratory Furniture Systems

Adapt to fluctuating needs with modular lab benches

Flexible system cabinets are available:

Cabinets and tables can be mobile or fixed in place. We’ve designed labs with both so you can rearrange your lab layout to suit your work. Flexible furniture systems provide optimal customization and organization options, improving laboratory workflow, ergonomics, and convenience. Modular furniture will cut down on clutter and make your facility more accessible per ADA standards.

Our accessories include safety equipment like emergency showers and eyewashes. We even provide certification and equipment testing once design and installation is done.


Custom lab design with adaptable furniture
Adjustable Height Lab Tables

All our lab designs are customized to your workplace. Complete your lab design with the following from PSA Laboratory Furniture:

Take a look at some of our past flexible furniture systems for yourself to see what we can do for you.

Contact our laboratory furniture experts for convenient, ergonomic and cost-effective flexible furniture solutions for your laboratory space.

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