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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

Snorkel Exhaust Fume Hoods

Customize Your Laboratory Design with Flexible Safety Equipment

Custom Snorkel Fume HoodSnorkel exhaust fume hoods are much smaller than other types of ventilation hoods and can be situated in much more convenient positions thanks to their mobile nature. In research facilities, they allow for convenient workspaces when the larger fume hoods are in use. PSA Laboratory Furniture designs new labs with snorkel fume hoods, casework, and other safety features.

Finding the best fume hoods for your laboratory is simple thanks to the worldwide supplier PSA Laboratory Furniture. We handle everything from delivery to certification, letting you design and customize your lab to your exact specifications. Learn more about all the benefits from having snorkel exhaust fume hoods in your lab.

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Convenient Ventilation Where You Need It

Snorkels let you get close to the source of fumes and particles safely. Most models hang from the ceiling and take up far less room than traditional fume hoods. Larger fume hoods also have very limited mobility. One snorkel hood can be used by multiple workstations due to the flexible support system which can be raised, lowered, or rotated. This is great for school laboratories or labs with flexible furniture systems.

The smaller size of snorkel exhaust hoods makes them popular in labs where ventilation is only occasionally needed. Instead of taking up valuable floor-to-ceiling space, the snorkel hoods can be easily moved out of the way when not needed. They are a cost-effective and space saving alternative to walk-in fume hoods.

Snorkel hoods are less confining than wall-mounted low bench hoods and ceiling-mounted canopy fume hoods. Work can be done on any side of the hood and by multiple people without becoming crowded. Snorkel exhausts are popular in labs with mobile lab benches. You won’t have to make constant trips between your workstation and the fume hood when you can bring your lab bench right to the ventilation source.

Benefits of Snorkel Exhaust Fume Hoods for Academic Settings

Your classroom is meant to be a space for learning. By supplying each of your students with their own small fume hood, you make it easier for everyone to complete assignments without taking turns at a single classroom fume hood. Students will have more mobility around a snorkel than if they all tried to fit at a low bench hood.

Ceiling Drop Snorkels in WI Lab

From small classrooms to university lecture halls, snorkel fume hoods provide students the chance to gain hands-on experience safely. Proper ventilation during their research and experiments will prevent accidents.

Snorkel Fume Hood Applications:

Avoid Mixing Dangerous Fumes

Lab safety is incredibly important. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere. A common type of lab accident occurs when chemical fumes mix under a hood and cause a dangerous reaction. With the volatile materials used in many labs, the right exhaust system is vital for safety. Snorkel exhaust hoods can be used at individual workstations, creating less of a chance of dangerous cross-contamination. Work can be done on separate sides of the lab without ever allowing the materials to come close to one another. A regular canopy hood does not offer this type of protection.

PSA Laboratory Furniture has a wide array of safety equipment for labs. Along with fume hoods, we provide eyewash stations, drench hose units, emergency showers, and more to keep lab workers safe when handling harmful substances.

Snorkel Exhaust Hood Testing and Certification Services

PSA Laboratory Furniture does more than just deliver snorkel hoods: we provide ventilation testing and certification. If your lab is located in the Midwest, we offer annual recertification and testing. This includes various standards from ANSO, AIHA, ASSE, and more.

With the range of options we provide, you have the option of customizing your teaching space to make it meet all of your classroom needs. Find additional fume hoods for your lab:

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