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Laboratory Construction & Furniture Installation Services

Managed Project Supervision from Design through Delivery

Laboratory Furniture Design and Installationgood lab design is only worthwhile when it is built and installed accurately, on time and within budget. PSA Laboratory Furniture provides construction project management from beginning to end. Once we have finalized your lab’s design specifications, your PSA project manager will become supervisor for all aspects of your laboratory’s non-mechanical installation.

PSA has overseen construction of professional laboratories since 1983. Our project managers are experienced and have a fundamental understanding of the laboratory construction process. We have delivered and installed furniture at labs around the world. Start designing your own laboratory with PSA today!

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Because we supply the lab furniture, shelving and accessories for your new construction, we offer two pricing options:

Option 1: Materials Delivered Only

Option 2: Materials Delivered and Installed

Selecting to have materials delivered and not installed may help you save money. We recommend letting our experts install your new furniture in order to save time. Our team works efficiently to complete your lab on your schedule.

PSA Project Management Ensures Perfectly Realized Designs 

Our integrated approach to lab design, construction and outfitting allows us to provide the most accurate and efficient service possible. Our clients choose PSA because of the numerous advantages we provide:

One Point of Contact

Your project manager is with you from the initial design consultation until the project ends to ensure your vision is communicated and implemented perfectly. Clear, direct communication is the cornerstone of our client service model.

Newly Installed Lab EquipmentInternal Lab Design Team

Our designers accommodate your custom requirements, tailored to the particular lab furniture you have chosen from us. Our schematics are based on known quantities, eliminating unnecessary redesigns due to impractical design choices. With a custom design, all your casework will match and fit together seamlessly.

Cost Certainty and Firm Quotes

Upfront cost analysis ensures you stay within budget. Accurate estimates are provided at every stage of design. Our comprehensive approach means fewer surprises along the way, allowing us to quote a firm final cost. For labs on a budget, this lets you plan ahead with greater accuracy.

Project Scheduling & Coordination

Timely deliveries are critical to completing construction on schedule. Your project manager will coordinate material deliveries to meet your construction schedule. We have successfully coordinated lab installations around the globe, from Panama City to the Western Highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Worldwide Lab Installation Services

At PSA Laboratory Furniture, we travel the world to install our lab cabinets, benches, and accessories. Our work has taken us from North America to countries Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and Oceania. It doesn’t matter if you’re located in right next door in Wisconsin or a small island in the Caribbean: we will assist in all your furniture delivery and installation needs.

If your lab is located in the Midwest, we can arrange same- or next-day visits to measure your facility:

Contact our project managers today to arrange a visit before design and installation begins.

Professional Furniture Outfitting

With all the designs and delivery out of the way, the next step is professional installation. PSA provides carpentry and installation for all materials we sell, including casework, lab benches, countertops, and fume hoods. Please note this can include building construction or electrical, HVAC or plumbing installation, which may need to be subcontracted.

Fume Hood Ventilation Testing

We supply and install:

Chemical Fume Hood Testing & Certification

Most states, territories and countries require fume hood ventilation to meet accepted international standards upon installation. PSA’s lab equipment testing and certification team ensures any new fume hoods conform to applicable industry standards.

Comprehensive project management services provided by PSA ensures your practical, forward-thinking lab designs are executed to perfection on time and within budget. Talk to our team today to find out why global leaders in mining, manufacturing and research choose PSA for lab design and construction.

Contact the experts at PSA to discuss project management and lab construction arrangements for your project.


Watch our work! See a new lab take shape from start to finish:

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