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American Made Laboratory Equipment Design and Installation

Little Rock ArkansasPSA Laboratory Furniture is hardly a household name, but among those in the industry we’re well known for high-quality, US-made laboratory equipment and exceptional lab design services.

From our home base just outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we serve facilities throughout the US and abroad. Whether you’re looking to redo and existing lab or planning one from scratch, PSA Laboratory Furniture offers everything from initial design to installation.

Our process is a little different from other lab furnishing companies, and a whole lot better. From the outset, you’ll be teamed up with a dedicated project specialist who will be your single point of contact. Your calls are never passed on to someone who has no idea what’s going on with your project. This makes for better communication and a lot less stress. 

PSA Furniture provides professional design and installation for a wide range of applications throughout Arkansas, including:

Your Source for High-Quality, American-Made Lab Furnishings in Arkansas

We only carry American-made lab furnishings because, frankly, they’re far superior to anything being made abroad. We source only quality casework, benches, countertops, fume hoods and fixtures from the best manufacturers in the business. Besides being built with higher quality materials than those made abroad, there are virtually never any problems with getting them delivered in a timely manner. We also like the idea of supporting US businesses.

We’ve been designing and installing labs all over the world (including Arkansas) for decades. We’re known for working fast—turning around initial CAD drawing within 48 hours of getting input and specifications—and for working within budget constraints. To ensure a perfect setup, we even offer complete installation services.

Countertop options:

Fume hood options:

Arkansas Laboratory Certification

PSA Laboratory Furniture is committed to providing safe and reliable laboratory equipment. To ensure full compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards, everything we sell is rigorously tested by our in-house certification experts.

Contact the lab furnishings professionals at PSA to discuss lab design and installation in Arkansas.
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