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Best Laboratory Furniture Supplier for Research Labs

Lab Grade Countertops, Cabinets, & Benches for International Sale

PSA Laboratory Furniture has years of experience with outfitting research and biotechnology laboratories with new furniture. Whether you are conducting research in microbiology, chemistry, or metallurgy, you can find the furniture you need to conduct your work safely and efficiently. Turn to the best supplier of laboratory furniture when you need lab grade furnishings for your research lab. Our design, installation, and certification services reflect why PSA Laboratory Furniture is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of lab fixtures, furnishings and metal casework for research and biotech labs around the world.

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We’ve helped design many labs for research and biotech work:

  • Synata Bio, Warrenville, IL
  • Novozymes BioAg Inc., Milwaukee, WI
  • Virent, Madison, WI
  • Kurion Research Center, Richland, WA

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Research Lab with Custom Furniture

Customizable & Flexible Bio-Tech Lab Furniture Systems

When you are looking for the best research lab furniture, you need high-quality systems at affordable prices. At PSA Laboratory Furniture, we will supply your research lab with easy to configure flexible modern workstations. Wheeled casework can be moved around your lab space to better fit your work needs. This is great for any lab where you have a constantly changing workload.

Our flexible systems are a popular option for permanent or mobile labs. Select from our standard color options for a colorful furniture set.

High-Quality Wood and Steel Bench Casework for Research Labs

Wood casework furniture is a popular choice among research labs located in schools and universities around the world. PSA Laboratory Furniture carries oak, maple, and cherry hardwoods for you to choose from, along with 6 chemical resistant satin finishes to put a protective coat on your furniture.

Modular steel casework has a great appearance and is resistant to most damage no matter your industry. Don’t rely on poorly built benches to support your equipment when it’s being stored, choose our long-lasting steel lab cabinets – they can support up to 2,000 pounds! And stainless steel is sterile, ideal for working with biotechnology research.

Check out our lab furniture photo gallery to see how your finished research lab could look with wood, stainless steel, or a flexible furniture system.

Safely Conduct Research with Chemical Fume Hoods

Research labs around the world are responsible for unlocking the answers to our questions about medical, biotechnology, and industrial practices. They require efficient ventilation no matter if they are located in the United States, France, or the Philippines. Labs need different safety equipment based on exposure to chemicals, biological substances, and radioactive materials.

When you are working with toxic materials, having a reliable chemical fume hood is a necessity and often required by national law. With so many hoods for you to choose from, PSA Laboratory Furniture is one of the most comprehensive suppliers of fume hoods for research labs.

Our NSF International accredited examiners test and certify all types of fume hoods, clean rooms, laminar flow hoods, and biological safety cabinets.

Airfoil bypass chemical fume hoods: laboratory ventilation systems

Airfoil Bypass

Fume Hoods

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Add Air Fume Hood

Add Air

Fume Hoods

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Low bench fume hoods provide ventilation for your lab

Low Bench

Fume Hoods

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perchloric acid fume hoods - laboratory ventilation system

Perchloric Acid

Fume Hoods

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Radioisotope fume hoods - laboratory ventilation system


Fume Hoods

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Fume Hoods

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Snorkel Exhaust Fume Hoods for Laboratories

Snorkel Exhaust

Fume Hoods

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Canopy fume hoods: laboratory ventilation systems


Fume Hoods

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Thin wall fume hoods: lab ventilation systems

Thin Wall

Fume Hoods

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variable air volume fume hoods - laboratory ventilation system

Variable Air Volume (VAV)

Fume Hoods

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Walk In Fume Hood Installation


Fume Hoods

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High performance fume hoods - laboratory ventilation system

High Performance

Fume Hoods

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Easily Design, Install, & Certify Your American Made Research Lab Furniture

From beginning to end, PSA Laboratory Furniture works to make the construction of your science or research lab as easy as possible. Our extensive selection means you can have the perfect laboratory installed in your research lab. With our expert team, you can design, install, test, and certify your research lab furniture without having to do business with more than one company. Our services are all-encompassing and make laboratory construction easy.

Full-Service Laboratory Design & Remodeling

PSA Laboratory Furniture has been helping build research labs around the world for years. Our services are offered globally because we have proved to be one of the most reliable and trusted laboratory manufacturers in modern times. We can handle the entire lab from start to finish. If you want to build a durable and efficient research lab or biotech facility, get more information on the best lab furniture suppliers of PSA Laboratory Furniture. Let us do all the hard work.

Request a quote on research or biotech lab furniture today from PSA Laboratory Furniture.
Researcher in Laboratory

Sterile and Dependable Countertop Materials

Durable and chemical-resistant countertops are essential in any research lab. At PSA Laboratory Furniture, we have epoxy resin, phenolic resin, stainless steel, and high-pressure plastic laminate lab countertops for you to consider. Each of our countertops is high quality, but depending on what you are researching, you may prefer one over another:

  Epoxy Resin Phenolic Resin Stainless Steel
Price Range $$ - $$$ $$ - $$$ $$$ - $$$$
Applications Varies Varies Selective
Material Overview Sleek black surface that is generally durable and resistant to most lab environments. Highly resistant, lightweight surface that is durable in most lab environments. Premium option for durability, damage resistance and functionality.
Easily cleaned & maintained? Yes Yes Yes
Resistant To:      
Chemicals . . . . . . . . .
Abrasions . . . . . . . . .
Heat . . . . . . . . .
Impact . . . . . . . . .
Moisture . . . . . . . . .
Bacteria . . . . . . . . .
  Butcher Block Laminate
Price Range $$ - $$$ $ - $$
Applications Selective Selective
Material Overview Aesthetically appealing surface that can burn & scratch easily, can be repaired. A cost-effective surface that can burn & scratch, but is mostly stain-resistant.
Easily cleaned & maintained? No No
Resistant To:    
Chemicals . . . . . .
Abrasions . . . . . .
Heat . . . . . .
Impact . . . . . .
Moisture . . . . . .
Bacteria . . . . . .

Lab Setups for Research & Industry

PSA Laboratory Furniture outfits labs in research and industry alike. From industrial chemical plants to foodsafe spaces to cannabis testing facilities. Contact us to tell us more about your application and we'll help you find the right furniture, fume extraction and safety equipment for your facility.

Some of the industries we work with include:

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