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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

Demonstration Fume Hoods

Visual Science Presentations Made Easy with PSA Laboratory Furniture

Science Class Demonstrations with VentilationWhen you are performing training on the job, educating a classroom, or developing applications for your workforce, demonstration fume hoods make science presentations safe without sacrificing visibility. These fume hoods are specially designed to provide a view of the work being done under the hood. Investing in chemical fume hoods is your best choice to improve your ability to teach or train others how to safely handle different equipment, materials, and substances.

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In a professional lab setting, you need to make sure all your technicians and assistants follow safety protocols. Clear fume hoods make it easy to demonstrate lab practices. Check out our gallery to view demonstration fume hoods in classroom labs.

Classroom Fume Hoods for Professors and Lecturers

Whether you’re working with young kids or graduate students, demonstration fumes hoods make it easier for everyone in the class to see your actions. Teaching has never been easier with see through fume hoods from PSA Laboratory.

Demonstration Fume Hood Features

Purpose Reducing Turbulence of Airflow through the Unit
Benefits Improving Efficiency & Performance
Dimensions 7/32” Safety Glass Panel, 18”H Sash Lock
Materials White Resin-Chem, Nylon, Epoxy, Stainless Steel
Lighting Vapor Proof T-8 Fluorescent Light Fixture with Bulbs
Build 16 Ga. Internal Structural Frame
Other Gasketed Access Panel 

Lab Design Services for Schools and Universities

School Lab DemonstrationSchools around the world depend on PSA Laboratory Furniture for new lab designs. We remodel and restructure laboratories to fit your evolving needs. If your school needs an updated lab, contact PSA’s award-winning designers to get started! We have everything from new casework to the latest safety features.

PSA Laboratory Furniture outfits educational labs with all they need. We supply:

Start designing your school or university lab online with PSA. Use 4 easy steps to begin building your laboratory. We’ve built new laboratories and remodeled existing classrooms all over the country.

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