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Ohio laboratory furniture design, manufacturing & installation company

Ohio laboratories and research centers turn to PSA's lab furniture designers when they need to have their facility remodeled or expanded with newly designed and installed lab equipment. One of our team members can provide an accurate lab remodeling quote after a visit to your Ohio facility.

We will respond to your initial quote inquiry within 24 hours. Our CAD-designed lab plans are made specifically for your facility to guarantee every piece of your new lab is the correct dimensions. You’ll receive the initial designs within 48 hours after we’ve received your lab specs. This will keep your lab construction or remodeling work moving along without delays.

PSA supplies comprehensive lab installation, providing every service from the design phase to the final inspection.

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PSA Laboratory Furniture designs and outfits:

Cincinnati's Best Metal Lab Cabinets, Worktop Tables & Chemical Fume Hoods

Metal lab cabinets from Columbus to Cleveland, OhioAll of our lab equipment is designed with high-quality materials to last years of use, even in busy labs. We handle every aspect of the lab to create a complete system, from the casework to the equipment.

Products we supply include:

Not sure what your lab needs? We've worked with various industries over the years to meet exact dimension specifications and performance requirements. Let our experts help you pick the perfect piece of furniture for your lab work.

Metal Lab Cabinets 

Steel casework has become a popular choice for chemical, medical, biological and tech labs across Ohio. Modular and stainless steel provides an optimal chemical work surface, as it resists corrosion and abrasion. Other benefits of steel lab countertops and cabinets include:

Professional Installation & Ohio Laboratory Certification

Once you’ve selected your equipment, PSA Laboratory Furniture will handle the furniture installation. The installation experts at PSA offer personal consultations and price estimates for you upfront so your new laboratory remains within your budget.

The Ohio government requires specific certifications for:

Every piece of lab equipment created by PSA Laboratory Furniture is tested to meet ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO, and NSF standards. After installation, we will provide certification testing so your lab meets all Ohio state requirements. We are dedicated to providing you the best safe and reliable lab equipment.

Contact the experts at PSA to discuss Ohio lab design and installation services.
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