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Laboratory furniture and design

Custom Laboratory Design and Installation in Arizona

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Award-winning Lab Furniture Specialists

Based in Wisconsin, PSA Laboratory Furniture serves businesses and industries throughout the US and across the globe. We bring decades of CAD design experience to a wide range of applications, and have been widely recognized for the quality of our work. In addition to custom design work, we also have our own installation crew to ensure everything is in properly and functioning as it should.

PSA Laboratory Furniture can be found in:

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High-Quality, American-Made Lab Furnishings for Arizona Laboratories

When you invest in laboratory furnishings, you have every right to expect they will serve you for many years. For this reason, PSA only uses high-quality, American-made products. In our experience, American manufacturers still make the best designed, most durable lab furniture and fume hoods.

Our design team has worked with labs in every industry and can develop unique solutions to any challenge, including applications requiring fume hoods capable of handling dangerous chemicals. Once we know the scope of your project and your budget, we will with you to ensure you get the best possible products without veering into the red.

Custom countertop options include:

Fume hood options include:

Professional Lab Installations in Phoenix and Other Cities

At PSA, we believe proper installation of lab furnishings is essential. Rather than leave you on your own to find an installer, who may or may not do agood job, we’d prefer to come to your Arizona facility and handle the installation ourselves. When you have the company that designed the lab handling the installation, you can count on everything getting done right. If you have an installer you know you can trust, you can opt to just your lab furnishings delivered.

Arizona Laboratory Certification

Safety matters to us as much as it does to you. To ensure full compliance with ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards, all lab equipment and furniture from PSA is rigorously tested and approved by our in-house certification experts.

Contact PSA to learn more about lab design and furniture installation for your Arizona lab.



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