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Maine’s penchant for innovation makes it a natural home for PSA’s high-quality, low-cost lab designs. From marine science facilities on the coast to the biotech powerhouses of Portland, PSA’s award-winning lab designers can fLab furniture customized to meet all the of Maine's laboratory needsulfill every lab design need. Our custom consultations throughout the design process ensure transparency while we make your dream lab come to life. Learn more about what PSA offers below.

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Custom Furniture Installation for Illinois Labs

At PSA, we want all of your lab furniture to be installed accurately and effectively.  We know all the industry-specific needs and will have your lab to the standards you need it to be. 

Flexible furniture for all labs in the state of MaineA consultant will be with you to go help explain the process and get you the fully customized lab you are looking for.

We install:


Contact the experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to discuss Maine custom lab furniture installations.

Cost-Effective, High-Quality Lab Equipment

PSA’s carefully crafted, American-made furniture is built to the highest standards. We offer a range of durable materials for your lab, such as wood, laminate and steel. From the initial design to installation and certification, our globally-recognized designers work to make every piece of your lab an asset, including:

Flexible Lab System Design & Installation in Maine

Flexible Systems Adapt to any space

Labs have adapted to flexible furniture systems. Each piece of furniture can be rearranged to provide more workspace or room for new equipment.

Flexible Lab Setups

Wood Laboratory Cabinet Design & Installation in Maine

Wood Laboratory Timeless & Practical

Classic hardwood lab benches and cabinets installed by PSA Laboratory Furniture. This traditional lab appearance is popular with school laboratories.

Wood Lab Furniture Options

Metal Lab Furniture Design & Installation in Maine

Metal Lab Furniture Adjustable Durability

Stainless steel casework is durable, dependable, and cost-effective. Made in America, our steel is given a baked-on epoxy powder coating.

Metal Lab Furniture

Laboratory Fixture Design & Installation in Maine

Fixtures All in the details

A lab isn’t complete until it is fully outfitted with the fixtures and accessories necessary to operate.

Fixture Options

Customizable lab furniture options

Our countertops are made of high-quality and durable materials including:

Our fully-customizable designs make the most out of your investment. We work with every budget, industry and lab size for the best possible results.

Color Options

Expert Laboratory Installation Services

PSA labs are individually made to suit your every need and specification. The experts at PSA will complete your furniture delivery or optional installation efficiently, with a standard of work far beyond our competitors. In every step of the process, PSA will work with you to make sure your lab is everything you wanted, and more.

Fume hood installation in Maine

Maintaining a safe laboratory environment requires quality safety equipment and regular inspections. PSA Laboratories designs and manufactures fume hoods for use in pharmaceutical, research, plastics water industries, and more. Every one of our fume hoods is tested to ensure ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.5-2012 standards. When you order a fume hood from PSA, our technicians will install the product in your existing casework to save you time and money. Chose from light, medium and heavy-duty fume hoods including:

...and can secure many others upon request. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

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