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Lab Design & Planning Services

Initial CAD Drawing Returned within 48 Hours

CAD Lab DesignsPSA offers comprehensive laboratory design and planning for some of the largest research, extraction, and manufacturing facilities in the world. Our laboratories are designed as a complete system from the beginning, with everything from basic lab furniture and countertops, to any needed fume hoods or lab apparatus and accessories. .

Our award-winning designers have decades of experience and CAD expertise, ensuring a well-designed lab facility to meet your specific needs. The PSA-designed Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery was named R&D™ Magazine’s Laboratory of the Year in 2012.

We design labs with:

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture to begin designing your own lab today.

Experience & Accuracy Produce the Best Lab Design Outcomes

We prioritize accuracy, clear communication through a single point of contact, and rapid turnaround times. Compared with most lab design firms, who may take weeks to respond to simple requests, our response times are lightning-fast.

Your project manager will respond to all requests within 24 hours. Our design team will return the initial CAD drawings within 48 hours of receiving preliminary design specifications. Further revisions are typically completed within 24 hours.

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Cabinet Design, Delivery, and Installation for Laboratories

PSA Laboratory Furniture designs and installs cabinets for professional laboratories around the world. Our cabinets are available in many widths and heights.


Cabinet Design, Delivery, and Installation for Laboratories

PSA Laboratory Furniture designs and installs cabinets for professional laboratories around the world. Our cabinets are available in many widths and heights.


Advantages of Contracting PSA’s Laboratory Design Team

Lab Design Services in USAWe have worked with some of the most recognizable names in pharmaceutical and biomedical research, chemical engineering, consumer and industrial manufacturing, food science and production, and minerals and energy mining and extraction to create advanced, practical laboratories which fulfill real-world applications.

There is no laboratory type we haven’t seen, nor a challenge we haven’t met. Our experienced team will deliver the best-value options to fulfill your goals and maintain your budget. We primarily supply new furniture, though we do carry some used cabinets and casework to help you save even more on your final design.

Our comprehensive integrated design structure gives PSA numerous advantages over the competition:

1. Accurate Estimates

We understand the importance of accurate laboratory furniture budgeting and are well-practiced at quickly producing accurate budgets. Fixed component prices are built into our design estimates, removing cost variables from third-party lab furniture suppliers.

2. Firm Price Quotes

Providing accurate estimates throughout each phase of the project allows us to stand behind a firm price quote upon completion of our final renderings. There will never be hidden costs for work completed by PSA.

Custom Lab Cabinet Design3. Custom Design

PSA provides a completely custom design to your exact specifications. We take all your requirements into account. Need to add some color? No problem, check out our standard color list here.

4. One Point of Contact

Your project manager is your personal liaison with PSA. Your project manager will outline options along with the pros and cons of each and directly communicate your needs, desires and expectations to our design team.

Your relationship with your project manager does not end at the completion of the lab design process. Your project manager will also oversee lab construction and installation, ensuring our designs are implemented efficiently and accurately.

Optimal Performance from Customized & Remodeled Labs

Every piece of furniture in your lab should serve a purpose. The wrong combination of outdated casework can leave you with cluttered workspaces and inefficient storage. And some furniture can even pose a safety hazard if it blocks access to ventilation equipment. A fully customized laboratory will have only what you need to maximize workflow.

Your new or remodeled lab can include:

PSA Laboratory Furniture creates completely custom lab designs to make your facility as efficient and functional as possible. We can design brand new labs from scratch or provide redesigns for renovating an existing space. We use our flexible furniture systems to make your lab adaptable. Find out why laboratories big and small around the world trust PSA for complete lab design services.

American-made Lab Designs anywhere in the U.S

When it comes to professional laboratory design, there's no one better than the team at PSA Labs. We perform our services throughout the U.S:

Alabama Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico  South Dakota
Alaska  Idaho  Michigan New York  Tennessee 
Arizona  Illinois Minnesota  North Carolina  Texas
Arkansas Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
California  Iowa Missouri Ohio  Vermont 
Colorado Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Connecticut Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
Delaware Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin
Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina Wyoming

...and around the globe. Get in touch for superior laboratory designs from experts who get it done in 48 hours.  

Before and After PSA Lab Design

Furniture Installation and Ventilation Equipment Certification

Blueprint for Lab with American-made FurnitureOur work isn’t done when your design is completed. PSA Laboratory Furniture does more than design new labs: we deliver and install your new lab furniture. Whether you are located by our Wisconsin headquarters or around the globe, we will be there to set up your new lab.

After installation, we test chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, and other safety features. Ventilation certification and other equipment testing is available based on your lab’s safety requirements. Inspection and testing certifications cover:

Make sure your lab is safe and meets your work needs. Request CAD drawings of your lab from our leading laboratory design specialists today.

Submit preliminary design specs to our professional lab designers to receive initial CAD renderings within 48 hours.
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