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Lab Planning & Design Services

Custom Lab Design, Turnkey Installation

For new & remodeled labs anywhere in the world!

PSA Laboratory Furniture provides full service laboratory design for brand new lab construction and lab renovation projects. With our comprehensive integrated design structure and years of experience designing labs across a wide variety of industries, we’re well equipped to design and deliver a custom laboratory to meet all your specifications.

Why work with PSA for laboratory design? 

We’ve worked with some of the most recognizable names in a wide variety of industries to create advanced, practical laboratories to fulfill real-world applications. Our comprehensive integrated lab design structure gives PSA numerous advantages over the competition:

  • Accurate Estimates We understand the importance of accurate laboratory furniture budgeting and are well-practiced at quickly producing accurate lab quotes. Fixed component prices are built into our design estimates, removing cost variables from third-party lab furniture suppliers.
  • Firm Price Quotes Providing accurate estimates throughout each phase of the project allows us to stand behind a firm price quote upon completion of our final renderings. There will never be hidden costs for work completed by PSA.
  • Custom Lab Design PSA provides a completely custom lab design to your exact specifications. We take all your requirements into account. Need to add some color? No problem, check out our standard color list here.
  • FREE Lab Drawing If you do not have a sketch or drawing for your new laboratory, no worries! Our laboratory designers can provide a free lab drawing to meet your specifications.
  • Nationwide Support PSA works with laboratories all over the United States and beyond. No matter where your lab is, we’re available and ready to help!
  • One Point of Contact Your project manager is your personal liaison with PSA. They will outline all your options and directly communicate your needs, desires, and expectations to our design team. Then, your PM will oversee your lab construction and installation, ensuring our designs are correctly implemented.

When completed, your laboratory will be ready to use - no extra setup needed beyond organizing your lab supplies. Custom-designed labs with turnkey installation are our specialty. See our lab design gallery

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Lab cabinets

Lab Cabinets Optimize lab storage

Laboratory cabinets are an essential piece of every lab because cabinet configuration is critical to a lab’s overall function, organization, and efficiency.

Lab Cabinet Options

Lab fume hoods

Fume Hoods Installation. Certified.

PSA designs fume hoods that provide the ventilation your lab needs for safe work with chemicals and hazardous materials.

Fume Hood Types

Lab countertops


Our laboratory countertops can safely handle exposure to biological agents, caustic chemicals, and abrasive materials.

Lab Countertops

Flexible lab systems

Flexible Systems Adapt to any space

Freestanding cabinets and tables include wheels for easy reconfiguration. Workstations are easy to move to create more space in your lab.

Flexible Lab Setups

Lab fixtures

Fixtures All in the details

No lab is complete without safety and specialty equipment. PSA offers a complete line of high-quality extras to make your lab fully functional.

Lab Fixture Options

Unparalleled service from CAD drawing to installation

We prioritize accurate, clear communication through a single point of contact, and rapid turnaround times for all our lab design projects. Compared with most firms who may take weeks to respond to simple requests, our lab designs get you initial CAD drawings within 48 hours of receiving preliminary design specifications. From there, you work one-on-one with an experienced designer to build your facility to industry specs with regulatory-compliant lab furniture & materials. Our award-winning designers have decades of experience and CAD expertise, ensuring a well-designed lab facility to meet your specific needs.

Your new or remodeled lab can include:

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture to begin designing your own lab today.

Custom lab design and installation for research facility
Blueprint for Lab with American-made Furniture

Furniture Installation and Ventilation Equipment Certification

Our work isn’t done when your design is completed. PSA Laboratory Furniture does more than design new labs: we deliver and provide turnkey installation of new lab furniture. Whether you are located by our Wisconsin headquarters or around the globe, we will be there to set up your new lab.

After installation, we test chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, and other safety features. Ventilation certification and other equipment testing is available based on your lab’s safety requirements. Inspection and testing certifications cover:

Make sure your lab is safe and meets your work needs. Request CAD drawings of your lab from our leading laboratory design specialists today.

Submit preliminary design specs to our professional lab designers to receive initial CAD renderings within 48 hours. Contact PSA today. 


Lab Design Case Studies & Testimonials

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