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Florida Laboratory Cabinets, Countertops & Fume Hoods

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Lab Design for All Industries from Jacksonville to Miami

Florida laboratory furniture design & installation for cabinets & fume hoods

Your Florida laboratory needs to be functional, with quality equipment to help you complete your work. Whether your laboratory specializes in healthcare, field outdoor exposure testing, or research, the professional lab designers at PSA Laboratory Furniture supplies and installs the most effective workspace to meet your needs. Based in Wisconsin, our experts have installed laboratories worldwide. With a focus on precision and customization, our company designs for all industries, including:

Our experts will handle the entire design, construction, installation and certification process for your lab. You will be consulted throughout the entire process to guarantee accuracy and satisfaction.

Metal Lab Cabinets & Countertops in Florida

Metal laboratory furniture has become the standard for many Florida companies & facilities. Modular and stainless steel provide many benefits for your chemical work surfaces, including:

Our custom metal casework allows your lab cabinets, counters & workbenches to match specified dimensions and requirements. Steel lab appliances are installed in chemical, biological, medical and tech labs throughout Florida.

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Casework, Countertops & Equipment Made in America

ALL PSA laboratory furnishings are crafted in the United States. Customized for efficiency and functionality, our high-quality fume hoods, casework, and countertops are customized for your laboratory. Whether your lab requires a walk-in fume hood or sterile stainless steel countertops, PSA crafts and installs the best solution to meet your needs.

We’ve helped the following Florida facilities with new lab designs:

ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO & NSF certification

Florida Laboratory Installation

Conveniently located in the Midwest, we design and install for laboratories everywhere. Whether your laboratory is located closer to Jacksonville or Miami, we test each component of your lab furnishings before installation, ensuring accuracy and safety. Ensure your lab is in compliance with a certification inspection from PSA.

Contact the lab design and installation experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to begin furnishing your Florida lab.
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