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Florida Laboratory Furniture & Installation Service

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Florida laboratory furniture design & installation for cabinets & fume hoods

Your Florida laboratory needs to be functional, with quality lab equipment to help you complete your work. Whether your laboratory specializes in healthcare, field outdoor exposure testing, or research, the professional lab designers at PSA Laboratory Furniture supply and install the most effective workspace to meet your needs in your industry. With a focus on precision and customization, our company designs labs and ventilation systems for all industries and applications.

We've designed Florida labs for the following clients:

  • Tropicana Foods, FL
  • Bausch & Lomb, Clearwater, FL
  • Buckeye Florida Paper, Perry, FL
  • Titan America, Medley, FL

We offer comprehensive Our experts will handle the entire design, construction, installation, and certification process for your lab. You will be consulted throughout the entire process to guarantee accuracy and satisfaction.

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Furniture Installations Customized for all Florida Labs

Customized double sided islands for all Florida lab needsAt PSA, we will work closely with you to get the fully customized lab you are looking for in the sunshine state.  All of our equipment installations are to industry specifications to ensure all lab equipment is safe.  Every installation with PSA labs is accurate and done in a timely manner so you can start using your new lab.

We install:


Contact the experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to discuss Florida custom lab installations.

American-made laboratory casework supplier 

All PSA laboratory furnishings are crafted in the United States. Customized for efficiency and functionality, our high-quality fume hoods, casework, and countertops are tailored to your needs and industry applications. Whether your lab requires a walk-in fume hood or sterile stainless steel countertops, PSA crafts and installs the best solution to meet your needs.

Florida Flexible Lab System Design & Installation Services

Flexible Systems Adapt to any space

Labs have adapted with flexible furniture systems. Each piece of furniture can be rearranged to provide more workspace or room for new equipment.

Flexible Lab Setups

Wood Lab Cabinet Design & Install in FL

Wood Laboratory Timeless & Practical

Classic hardwood lab benches and cabinets installed by PSA Laboratory Furniture. This traditional lab appearance is popular with school laboratories.

Wood Lab Furniture Options

Metal Lab Furniture Design & Installation in Florida

Metal Lab Furniture Adjustable Durability

Stainless steel casework is durable, dependable and cost-effective. Made in America, our steel is given a baked-on epoxy powder coating.

Metal Lab Furniture

Lab Fixture Design & Installation in Florida

Fixtures All in the details

A lab isn’t complete until it is fully outfitted with the necessary fixtures and accessories.

Fixture Options

Metal Lab Cabinets & Countertops in Florida

Metal laboratory furniture has become the standard for many Florida companies & facilities. Modular and stainless steel provide many benefits for your chemical work surfaces, including:

  • Natural resistance to chemical corrosion and surface abrasions
  • Safely stores acids, flammable liquids, and biohazardous materials
  • Sterile and hygienic
  • Non-porous and moisture resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Long-lasting
  • Low maintenance

Our custom metal casework allows your lab cabinets, counters & workbenches to match specified dimensions and requirements. Steel lab appliances are installed in chemical, biological, medical, and tech labs throughout Florida.

Contact the lab design and installation experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to begin furnishing your Florida lab.

Fume hood supply & installation in Florida

Safe ventilation is a requirement when working in a laboratory environment. Chemical fume hoods from PSA Laboratories protect you and your employees from toxic favors, fumes and particles. PSA will test your existing fume hood to verify the functionality using tracer gas to measure the containment ability. Ensure your fume hood is compliant with ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.5-2012 Standard with a certification from PSA. Following each test, we will provide a comprehensive report to assist with the recertification process. We offer a variety of fume hoods, including:

...and can secure many others upon request. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

Fume Hood Quote

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