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B-665 Walk-In Fume Hood

60" Walk-In (Floor Mounted) Fume Hood B-665

The B-665 is a small-to-mid, 60” wide walk-in fume hood. Ideal for limited workspaces or where a more compact hood is preferred.

Model Specs:

  • Hood Dimensions: 90” H x 60” W x 35 3/8” DP
  • 16 gauge Internal Structural Frame
  • 70 7/8” High Viewing Area
  • UL-1805 Classified

Required Accessories (not included):

Remote blower, ductwork


  • The hood features an internal baffle system that ensures the safe and efficient removal of fumes.
  • The entrance to the hood is designed with inward-angled members to minimize turbulence and provide smooth movement of air into the hood.
  • The hood is lined with white Resin-Chem and features non-corrosive nylon fasteners for durability.
  • Two independently operating full-view vertical sashes with black PVC edging provide easy access to the hood.
  • Each sash is made with 7/32" laminated safety glass.
  • Each sash is counterweighted for easy one-finger operation.
  • The hood is equipped with a vapor-proof T8 fluorescent light fixture with bulbs for visibility.
  • A round stainless steel duct collar is included for easy installation.
  • Pre-punched fixture holes in posts and inner side liner make installation simple and convenient.
  • Two gasketed access panels on each side provide easy access to the hood for maintenance.
  • Black PVC sash guides ensure smooth and secure movement of the sashes.
  • The hood includes pre-wired electrical fixtures, including a light fixture and switch, 20A toggle blower switch, and two duplex electrical outlets.
  • An air velocity monitor/alarm is pre-wired for added safety.
  • The hood features double-wall construction for easy installation of plumbing and electrical service fixtures and concealed routing of piping and wiring.

Optional Items:

  • A manual sash stop that can be positioned at 18" to prevent the top sash from moving.
  • A nylon color-coded remote control that can be pre-set for gas, air, nitrogen, and vacuum services.
  • A remote controller DI cold water faucet that can be easily controlled from a distance.
  • A remote-controlled cold water faucet that can be operated remotely.
  • A cupsink for easy washing of small items or glassware.
  • A pre-plumbed panel-mounted vacuum breaker that is easily accessible.
  • LED light fixtures that provide bright and energy-efficient lighting.
  • Combination horizontal/vertical sash with aluminum top-hung panels for added versatility.
  • Full-height horizontal sliding sash panels on tracks with painted metal frames for optimal ventilation.
  • Explosion-proof light fixtures for added safety.
  • Explosion-proof electrical receptacles to ensure safe electrical connections.
  • Explosion-proof electrical light switches to control lighting safely.
  • Explosion-proof electrical blower switches to control blower operation safely.
  • Lattice rod assemblies to provide additional support and stability.
  • Chain and sprocket sash systems for added convenience and easy operation.
  • Louvered front panel to improve the appearance of your laboratory.
  • Fume hood ceiling enclosure available in 1-, 2-, and 3-sided versions to meet your specific needs.
  • Access panel for ceiling enclosure for easy maintenance and repairs.

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