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Delaware Lab Furniture & Installation

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Delaware Lab Furnishing ServiceCustom lab furniture for all labs in the state of Delaware

PSA Laboratory Furniture provides award-winning lab designs and custom equipment for labs across Delaware. From university labs to scientific research centers, PSA has designed and installed lab furniture for all types of facilities and industries. We manufacture lab furniture custom-tailored to your needs, and offer equipment and lab testing to ensure you’re in compliance with international and industry standards (ISO, NSF, IEST, ANSI, CETA, and ASHRAE).

We’re as turnkey as you want us to be; we get you an initial CAD drawing within 48 hours of contact and manage the project with a seamless transition in steps. From initial contact to final testing, PSA has you covered.

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Custom Furniture Installation for Delaware Labs

Having your lab equipment installed correctly is one of our standards at PSA labs.  Our knowledgeable technicians know all the industry-specific standards and will install your lab to your needs.

Delaware lab furniture design and installation

A consultant will guide you through the process, ensuring you get the fully customized lab you envisioned.

We install:


Contact us today to get your free Design Quote for your Delaware custom lab furniture installations.

Affordable Laboratory Workstations, Tables, and Casework

Our consultations throughout the design process are tailored to your vision and ensure a transparent experience while we make your dream lab a reality. Learn more about what our designers have to offer your Delaware lab below, and request a quote today. With PSA, your lab equipment is as cutting-edge as your work. PSA is a world-renowned company, and for good reason: We provide the best casework and cabinets available for a fraction of the cost. We work with any budget, lab size, and industry to make sure your laboratory is set up for success.

Flexible Lab System Design & Install in Connecticut

Flexible Systems Adapt to any space

Labs have adapted with flexible furniture systems. Each piece of furniture can be rearranged to provide more workspace or room for new equipment.

Flexible Lab Setups

Wood Lab Furniture Design & Installation Services in CT

Wood Laboratory Timeless & Practical

Classic hardwood lab benches and cabinets installed by PSA Laboratory Furniture. This traditional lab appearance is popular with school laboratories.

Wood Lab Furniture Options

Metal Lab Furniture Design & Installation in Connecticut

Metal Lab Furniture Adjustable Durability

Stainless steel casework is durable, dependable, and cost-effective. Made in America, our steel is given a baked-on epoxy powder coating.

Metal Lab Furniture

Lab Fixture Design & Installation in Connecticut

Fixtures All in the details

A lab isn’t complete until it is fully outfitted with the fixtures and accessories necessary to operate.

Fixture Options


Delaware fume hood supply & installation

Fume hoods from PSA Laboratories are built to draw hazardous materials, vapors and particles away from your facility before introducing filtered air back into the laboratory. Every product manufactured by PSA is backed by international and industry-specific certifications (ISO, NSF, IEST, ANSI, CETA, and ASHRAE). Our team of technicians will install your new fume hood into your facility for seamless integration. Fume hoods we offer include:

...and can secure many others upon request. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

Fume Hood Quote


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