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PSA Laboratory Design in 3 easy steps Step 1 Design: Custom lab design solutions for since and industry Step 2 Install: Fast and efficient lab construction from design to build-out Step 3 Certify: Ensure regular compliance with PSA testing and certification
Download our Lab Design & Installation Guide Download our Lab Design & Installation Guide Get Certified Lab Inspection Services
Download our Lab Design & Installation Guide

Lab Design & Installation Guide

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Custom Lab Design, Installation & Certification


American-Made Laboratory Furniture & Fume Hood Outfitter

Lab Furniture & Fume Hoods Manufactured in the USA

We contract all of our lab furniture and fume hoods through American manufacturers. The American manufacturing base still produces the most dependable and durable goods available on the market. Whether you're in the building phase of your lab or just replacing dated furniture & equipment, PSA has the experience and expertise to deliver the laboratory furniture and chemical fume hoods you need, built to spec.

Quality craftsmanship doesn’t have to bust your budget. Our furniture options fit any size lab on any budget, in any industry.



Flexible Systems

Flexible furniture systems provide adaptability for changing laboratory environments. Lab benches are easily reconfigured and maximize vertical space.

Modular Steel

Steel is durable, easy to maintain and provides optimal chemical and biological resistance. Our modular units allow for conversions on-the-fly from door to drawer.

Wood Lab Casework

Classic hardwood casework is as timeless as it is practical. Wood lab benches and cabinets are available in a variety of species and lab-grade finishes.


Midwest Lab Ventilation Testing & Certification

Proper laboratory ventilation is critical to maintaining a safe work environment. Our in-house team of NSF-accredited laboratory inspectors provides ventilation and biosafety testing and certification throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. Annual safety inspections are required for proper function of biological safety cabinets.

We certify labs in accordance with most major standards for laboratory ventilation using the most widely-accepted methods. Our fume hood certification ensures your safety protocols meet the ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.5-2012 Standard through the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-1995 Test Method. We provide both primary and secondary testing as outlined by NSF International’s Standard 49. We also provide safety certification for laminar flow devices and laboratory clean rooms.

Please contact us for details about safety testing and certification for your laboratory fume hoods, ventilation systems and clean rooms.

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