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Cutting-Edge Laboratory Design Installation Furniture Certification Since 1983

Labs built right - Every time

Laboratory Furniture, Equipment, & Design Services

PSA Laboratory Furniture provides furniture, equipment, and laboratory design services for labs domestically, as well as internationally. We provide everything from cabinets, lab countertops, fume hoods, lab fixtures, and flexible systems to build optimized lab spaces for any laboratory application. We offer single point-of-contact project management services to ensure simplified coordination for our clients’ laboratory design and installation projects. Take a look through some of our past projects and client testimonials. We can do the same for your lab.

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Lab Design Quote

Custom Lab Design, Installation & Certification

Lab Furniture & Fume Hoods Manufactured in the USA

We’ve designed and built laboratories globally for some of the biggest names in research, healthcare, food science and pharmaceutical manufacturing. From Exxon-Mobil’s natural gas facilities in Papua New Guinea to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (R&D Magazine’s 2012 Laboratory of the Year), PSA Laboratory Furniture helps advance cutting-edge industrial and exploratory research facilities across the globe.

From initial lab design and installation to service after-the-fact, PSA Laboratory Furniture delivers unparalleled efficiency and personalized support. Get in touch for a quote on your laboratory upgrade needs, or use our lab builder tool to receive a CAD design and one-on-one project support.

Flexible Systems Adapt to any space

Flexible furniture systems provide adaptability for changing laboratory environments. Lab benches are easily reconfigured and maximize vertical space.

Flexible Lab Setups

Modular Steel Adjustable Durability

Steel is durable, easy to maintain and provides optimal chemical and biological resistance. Our modular units allow for on-the-fly conversions.

Modular Steel Units

Wood Lab Casework Timeless & Practical

Classic hardwood casework is as timeless as it is practical. Wood lab benches and cabinets are available in a variety of species and lab-grade finishes.

Wood Lab Furniture Options

Lab Cabinets Optimize lab storage

Laboratory cabinets are an essential piece of every lab because cabinet configuration is critical to a lab’s overall function, organization, and efficiency.

Cabinet Options

Complete Lab Design & Planning Labs Built Right.

  • Design Custom lab design solutions for science and industry
  • Install Fast and efficient lab installation with USA-made furniture
  • Certify Ensure regular compliance with PSA testing and certification

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Midwest Lab Ventilation Testing & Certification

Our in-house team of NSF-accredited laboratory inspectors provides ventilation and biosafety testing and certification throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. Our fume hood certification ensures your safety protocols meet the ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.5-2012 Standard through the ANSI/ASHRAE 110-2016 Test Method. We provide both primary and secondary testing as outlined by NSF International’s Standard 49. We also provide safety certification for laminar flow devices and laboratory clean rooms.

We provide testing in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Ohio

American-made laboratory furniture & fume hood outfitter

We contract all of our lab furniture and fume hoods through American manufacturers. Whether you're in the building phase of your lab or just replacing dated furniture & equipment, PSA has the experience and expertise to deliver the laboratory furniture and chemical fume hoods you need, built to spec to meet any industry requirements. We offer a variety of laboratory fume hoods tailored to your needs. Get in touch for special pricing, installation, and custom testing. 

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