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Wet Lab vs Dry Lab Furniture Considerations

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Wet Lab vs Dry Lab Furniture Considerations

Build the Right Lab for Your Needs

Selecting the furniture for your new laboratory is not as simple as picking a cabinet color and calling it a day. Your first step is to consider whether you need furniture for a wet lab or a dry lab. Wet labs, as the name suggests, deal with liquid materials ranging from regular water to harsh chemicals. Dry labs may occasionally handle liquids but for the most part focuses on “dry” materials. The experts of PSA Laboratory Furniture have designed countless labs for wet and dry work environments.

Wet Lab Designed by PSAWet Lab Furniture

Wet labs need to include sinks and drainage systems to clean up after spills. Counters and other work surfaces, even fume hood benches, should include spill channels or be made or material which can withstand regular liquid exposure.

Countertop materials with high moisture resistance:

  • Epoxy
  • Phenolic resin
  • Stainless steel

Wet labs are often found in:

PSA Laboratory Furniture has all the equipment you need for a new wet lab. We have a variety of sinks with matching faucets and fixtures. Our peg boards provide drying space for test tubes and beakers. We even have safety features like eyewash stations and emergency showers.

Dry Lab Furniture

Dry Lab Designed by PSADry labs do not need as much drainage as wet labs but they can also benefit from sinks when it’s time to clean up. Instead, they often need to stay as dry as possible to protect electronic equipment and computer processors. We have electrical fixtures for keeping your lab fully powered.

Ventilate your dry lab with high performance fume hoods:

Furniture for Overlapping Wet and Dry Lab Functions

Some labs require wet and dry elements for maximum efficiency. It is not uncommon to find a wet lab with computer stations. In these cases, the lab’s design needs to take these overlapping functions into account.

Whatever lab you’re building, PSA Laboratory Furniture has the furnishings you need for it. Request a new design or submit your lab specs online to receive a quote.

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture today for a free wet or dry laboratory design quote.
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