What Furniture Does a New Lab Need?

Pick the Right Equipment for Your Remodeled Facility

Basic Lab Furniture DesignDesigning a brand new lab from scratch is a daunting task. One of the first things you must do is decide what lab furniture pieces your facility will need. PSA Laboratory Furniture will guide you through the design process.

Required Furniture for Laboratories

Selecting furniture is easy with PSA. Even the most basic lab will need some benches, tables, and cabinets. The exact amount and style will depend on the space available in your lab. We provide lab casework in many materials including stainless steel and wood.

The counters used in your lab will vary based on your work. We have plenty of options suitable for working with harsh chemicals, heat, and abrasions. Our countertop materials include:

We have worked with every type of lab and know what each industry needs. For example, we’ve worked in wet labs where our designers had to account for permanent plumbing fixtures. In other cases we’ve carefully arranged fume hoods for optimal performance. Whether you are setting up a school research lab or are in pharmaceutical R&D, we know the best furniture choices for your facility.

Flexible furniture options are incredibly popular with modern labs. Tables and benches include locking casters so they can be moved at any time. You can completely reconfigure your lab based on your workload.

Required Equipment for Lab Safety

Stainless Steel Counter SinkYour lab will need certain equipment to meet safety standards and up-to-date compliance. The safety equipment required of your industry is often determined by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) standards. This equipment, combined with proper PPE, will keep your staff safe while working.

Any lab which deals with hazardous materials in any capacity will likely need:

Our chemical fume hood options include all shapes and sizes. Save space with snorkel hoods hanging from the ceiling or create an entire ventilated room with a walk-in fume hood. After installation PSA Laboratory Furniture does testing and certification so your new furniture pieces are fully compliant.

Still not sure which furniture pieces will best suite your lab? Contact our designers! We will create custom CAD plans for you.

Get a quote on new furniture for your lab from PSA Laboratory Furniture.

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