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Ventilation Equipment Testing

Lab Equipment Testing and Certification

Design Ventilation Systems for Laboratory Safety

Lab ventilation systems are among the most regulated in the world. Testing procedures are designed to check for proper air balance and leak-free filtration. PSA Laboratory Furniture tests and certifies chemical fume hoods, biological safety cabinets, and laminar flow hoods.

Not sure which safety system is right for your lab? Learn about the difference between fume hoods and safety cabinets.

Chemical Fume Hood Certification

We install a wide variety of chemical fume hoods. Lab ventilation is mandated by the ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.5-2012 Standard in order to protect workers. We provide fume hood testing and certification after installation.

Laminar Flow Hood Testing

PSA follows IEST-RP-CC002.3 and ISO14644-7 as the recognized standards for laminar flow hood testing. Like biosafety cabinets, they need initial certification and annual retesting.

Biological Safety Cabinet Inspections

Midwestern Lab SafetyPSA holds an NSF Accreditation for Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certification (certificate number C0106671-02). This means we offer primary and secondary testing of biological safety cabinets:

Primary Testing

  • Air Velocity Evaluation – In-Flow and Down-Flow Velocity Patterns
  • HEPA Filter Challenge Leak Test – PAO
  • Visible Vapor Test – Air Flow Smoke Patterns
  • Site installation assessment tests

Secondary Testing

  • User Comfort Testing
    • Sound Level Test
    • Light Level Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Ultraviolet Light Level Test (when applicable)

Biosafety cabinets must be certified after equipment installation and annually thereafter. The certification procedure as outlined by NSF International's Standard 49 ensures proper air balance and leak-free filters.

Annual Lab Re-Certification in the Midwest, USA

Based out of Wisconsin, PSA Laboratory Furniture offers annual ventilation system recertification for Midwestern labs. Regularly schedule certification so your lab stays safe and up-to-date on the latest federal regulations.

We provide testing in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Ohio

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