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Pharmacy Lab Furniture Design and Equipment Installation

Mobile Lab Centrifuge TableLab Equipment and Fixtures for Pharmacology Research Facilities

Pharmaceutical laboratories require the best in high-quality lab furniture and equipment for ideal work conditions. A rundown lab can put research results, and possibly lives, at risk. PSA Laboratory Furniture knows the incredible responsibility of drug discovery and research. We design and install lab equipment from casework to fume hoods for pharmaceutical companies and research facilities across the globe.

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International Drug Discovery and Pharmaceutical Lab Design Services

PSA offers comprehensive laboratory design and planning for some of the largest pharmaceutical research companies in the world.
Let our CAD designers engineer the ideal pharmaceutical lab space for your company, research organization, or university. After completing your comprehensive design we supply the lab furniture and countertops, as well as any needed lab apparatus or accessories for a complete pharmaceutical lab system. This virtually eliminates installation complications so you can focus on the pivotal research of pharmaceutical R & D.

Casework Installation for Pharmaceutical Companies with University Labs

High Performance Fume HoodsIf your pharmaceutical company is collaborating with a university for drug development research, PSA Laboratory Furniture will simplify the partnership. With our installation services, we will deliver and install your pharmaceutical lab equipment to the university of your choice and handle the logistics.

PSA Laboratory Furniture makes the design and ordering process as easy as possible. You’ll have one point of contact throughout the entire process, from design to final installation. You won’t be dealing with various manufacturers or subcontractors when we take care of everything for you.

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Flexible Lab Furniture for Expanding Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Healthcare is a rapidly growing field around the world. Chemists, biologists and chemical engineers specializing in drug development are needed more than ever. If you’re expanding your drug research staff and laboratory, PSA is the only lab equipment and installer company you need. We’ve supplied healthcare specialist with durable steel cabinets and flexible laboratory systems for permanent and mobile pharmacy labs.

Our lab equipment is tested for safety. Whether you are analyzing the properties of cancer or evaluating the efficacy of a new chemical, PSA has the right equipment for keeping your pharmaceutical lab sanitary. Our pharmaceutical lab furniture is affordable and durable for extensive use.

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