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Former Hamilton Scientific Clients Look for New Lab Furniture Resource

Sudden Closure Leaves Customers in the Lurch

With their sudden unannounced closure in March of this year, dozens of Hamilton Scientific clients are left wondering where to turn for sales, service and support of their laboratory furniture and fume hoods.

Hamilton Scientific shuttered manufacturing plants in Round Rock, TX, Mountain Home, AR and across the country, largely unannounced to the general public. Hamilton Scientific's website has gone dark, as have their social media outlets.

OpenGate Capital, Hamilton Scientific's corporate parent, has made no announcement regarding their plans for the Hamilton Scientific brand, nor for the fate of their employees throughout the country. In fact, OpenGate still features Hamilton Scientific as part of their portfolio, linking to their non-existent website.

When even the employees of one of the country's largest laboratory suppliers don't know the fate of their own company, where does this leave clients?

Venture Capital Firms Strip Value from Trusted Brands

OpenGate Capital bills themselves as an "investment firm." These firms frequently buy up struggling divisions of larger corporations as corporate divestitures (Hamilton Scientific was previously owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific), strip them of their value, repurpose their brand and sell them off at a profit.

In the case of manufacturing, these good American jobs are frequently shipped overseas where costs and quality are sharply reduced. Good brands with strong reputations are cheapened and rarely have the opportunity to recover their integrity.

In the case of Hamilton Scientific, we hope this is not the case, but we have seen it happen far too often.

Stable Privately-Owned Laboratory Supply Business

PSA Laboratory Furniture is a privately-held corporation based in the United States. We have no shareholders to appease nor corporate parent to control how (or if) we run our own business. Our only obligation is to our clients, to whom we have dedicated considerable resources to provide the highest level of customer support before, during and after every transaction.

This is how we've done things since 1983, and it's how we will keep doing things today and long into the future.

Our commitment to personalized and responsive service is why PSA Laboratory Furniture has a robust base of global clients large and small, from our own neighborhoods around Milwaukee, WI to the farthest corners of the world in Beijing, Papua New Guinea, Bahrain and more.

When the time comes to build and outfit your next industrial or research laboratory, trust the service and stability of PSA Laboratory Furniture.

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture today and we'll begin designing your new lab immediately

Custom Lab Design for Practical Applications & Research Environments

Research laboratories and industrial proving grounds worldwide trust PSA Laboratory Furniture to design, install and certify lab equipment custom-tailored to their real-world needs.

From initial design and installation to service after-the-fact, PSA Laboratory Furniture delivers unparalleled efficiency and personalized support. We promise we'll respond to your initial inquiry within 24 hours.

Our turnaround times are unmatched in the lab design industry. You might spend weeks waiting for a response from other design firms. Over the same span of time, we will already be working on revisions to our original designs in collaboration with your input.

Lab Furniture & Fume Hoods Manufactured in the USA

All of our lab furniture and fume hoods are made in the USA by American manufacturers. The American manufacturing base still produces the most dependable and most durable goods available on the market.

Whether you operate a small consumer products manufacturing plant or a massive state-of-the-art petrochem research laboratory, PSA has the experience and expertise to deliver the laboratory furniture and chemical fume hoods you need, built to spec.

Quality craftsmanship doesn't have to bust your budget. Our furniture options fit any size lab on any budget, in any industry. Furniture material options include:

We have designed and built laboratories globally for some of the biggest names in chemistry, engineering, food science and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

From Exxon-Mobil liquefied natural gas facilities in Papua New Guinea to the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin in Madison--R&D Magazine's 2012 Laboratory of the Year--PSA Laboratory Furniture helps advance cutting-edge industrial and exploratory research facilities across the globe.

Durable Chemical-Safe Surface Materials & Fixtures

Surface choice is a major factor in lab furniture selection. PSA Laboratory Furniture also offers the most popular chemical- and bio-resistant surface materials and finish options for laboratories:

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Phenolic Resin
  • High-Pressure Plastic Laminate
  • Stainless Steel
  • Edge Grain Maple Butcher Block

No lab would be complete without a full suite of fixtures and laboratory apparatus.

Midwest Lab Ventilation Testing & Certification

Proper laboratory ventilation is critical to maintaining a safe work environment. Our in-house team of NSF-certified laboratory inspectors provides ventilation and biosafety testing and certification throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes regions.

We certify labs in accordance with most major standards for laboratory ventilations using the most widely-accepted methods.

Our fume hood certification ensures your safety protocols meet the ANSI Z9.5 Standard throughout the ASHRAE 110-1995 Method.

Annual safety inspections are required for proper function of biological safety cabinets. We provide both primary and secondary testing as outlined by NSF International's Standard 49.

We also provide safety certification for laminar flow devices and laboratory clean rooms. Please contact us for details about safety testing and certification for your laboratory fume hoods, ventilation systems and clean rooms.

Request a quote today from the lab design experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture.

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