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Laboratory furniture and design

Texas Lab Cabinet and Fume Hood Installation

Cutting Edge Lab Design in Dallas, Austin, and the Entire Lone Star State

Lab Cabinets TexasUniversities, scientific research facilities, workshops and industrial laboratories all over Texas trust PSA for their state-of-the-art laboratories. From our headquarters in Wisconsin, we provide lab design and consultation services for clients all over the country and the world. We install labs for all industries in Houston, Austin, Dallas and many other cities throughout the entire Lone Star State.

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Metal Lab Cabinets, Mobile Tables and Chemical Fume Hoods

All our products and furniture pieces are equipped for whatever laboratory to suit your needs. We offer lab cabinets, tables, fume hoods, and accessories at affordable costs and are certified by our team of laboratory experts. At PSA, we meet the increasing demand for high-quality laboratory equipment and furnishings for our clients all over the United States.

We’ve helped many labs across the state of Texas. Here are just a few of our satisfied customers:

Furniture Installation Service for Your Houston Lab

Epoxy Lab Counter for Texas FacilitiesAccurate and timely installation of lab equipment and furniture is very important, and our experts at PSA will make sure your equipment is installed to industry specifications. We will continuously consult with you throughout the installation process so we can get you the best new laboratory possible at the most affordable price.

We install:

Laboratory Certification to Meet Texas State Compliance

All medical facilities in Texas must follow the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment by the Department of Health and Human Services. Other types of labs have similar requirements. Ensure your lab exceeds every guideline with furniture from PSA.

The certification experts at PSA are trained and equipped to ensure your lab facility maintains regulatory compliance and meets our rigorous safety standards. Our team of laboratory professionals will ensure all lab equipment and fume hood ventilation systems are within ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards.

Contact the experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to discuss lab furniture design and installation for your Texas laboratory.
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