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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

Airfoil Bypass Fume Hoods

Airfoil Bypass Lab Fume HoodsGet Fume Hoods Installed and Certified

The airfoil bypass fume hoods buying process is vital for the success of your lab. At PSA Laboratory Furniture, we’re proud to be a reliable source of chemistry lab furniture for labs, classrooms, and research facilities around the world. When you order our fume hoods, we handle everything from setup to installation and certification. 

Our airfoil bypass fume hoods provide continuous flow of air to your laboratory. Along with keeping unwanted emissions at bay, our fume hoods last for years of continual use. You’ll have a reliable fume hood you can depend on.

View some of our airfoil bypass fume hoods in our gallery.

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Airfoil Bypass Fume Hood Specs

Purpose Reducing Turbulence of Airflow through the Unit
Benefits Improving Efficiency & Performance
Dimensions 7/32” Safety Glass Panel, 18”H Sash Lock
Materials White Resin-Chem, Nylon, Epoxy, Stainless Steel
Lighting Vapor Proof T-8 Fluorescent Light Fixture with Bulbs
Build 16 Ga. Internal Structural Frame
Features Gasketed Access Panel


Fume Hood Installation and Certification

Along with designing the fume hood for your lab, we cover lab equipment installation. Next we test the system and provide ventilation certification. We ensure everything works correctly and safely before the job is done.

PSA Laboratory Furniture’s heavy focus on our customers is why we’re the leading fume hood supplier in the world. We even cover the installation and certification. Use our lab planner to find all the furniture and equipment your lab will need. PSA Laboratory Furniture’s heavy focus on our customers is why we’re the leading fume hood supplier in the world.

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