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New York

New York Lab Certification

New York Laboratory Design

New York Lab CertificationThe experienced professionals at PSA work with you on the design of your new laboratory for whatever industry you need it for:

Our Wisconsin-based company helps companies and schools all over the world create and design their new labs. 

Lab Cabinets & Equipment

PSA provides New York laboratories with high-quality, certified furnishings including:

We develop accurate price quotes and estimates for you throughout the process in order to give you all the high-quality equipment you need: on budget.

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Expert New York Lab Installation

When you need someone qualified to install your lab equipment and furniture, look no further than the experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture. We’ve installed and built laboratories for industries all over the world, and we will consult with you one-on-one to give you the best service and price on your new lab.

New York Laboratory Certification

Our labs and equipment are always tested and approved by our certification experts so they will always meet NSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO and NSF standards. We can ensure your laboratory runs smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Contact the experts at PSA to discuss lab design and installation for your New York workspace.
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