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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

High Performance Fume Hoods

High Performance Gree HoodsEfficient Low-Flow Fume Hoods Consume 50% Less Energy

High performance fume hoods consume 50% less energy than conventional hood designs. As a result, these high performance/low flow hoods are safer, have lower installation costs, and are up to 50% less expensive in operating costs. PSA Laboratory Furniture has carried environmentally- and economically-friendly high-performance chemical fume hoods since our introduction in 1997.

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We have designed and installed fume hoods in labs around the world. View some of our high-performance fume hoods in our gallery to get inspiration for your own lab’s design.

Design Ventilation Systems for Safe Labs

High-performance chemical fume hoods are an essential part of safe lab ventilation. Without a functioning fume hood, your lab can quickly fill with contaminated air from vapors and radioactive material. Protect your lab personnel with a ventilation system from PSA Laboratory Furniture. The better the fume hood’s performance, the safer your facility will be.

We design and remodel laboratories all over the world for better safety. Our award-winning designs incorporate our high quality casework, counters, and other furniture.

Save Green with Environmentally-Conscious Fume Hood Models

Since high performance fume hoods use less energy to operate they deliver lower energy bills for your lab. Use the savings to upgrade the rest of your lab equipment. How do these fume hoods work so well? High performance fume hoods employ a series of design features providing unsurpassed containment and personnel protection:

High Performance Fume Hood

Advantages of High Performance Chemical Fume Hoods:

Low-flow/high-performance hoods use substantially less energy to operate over the lifetime of the fume hood exhaust system. Every lab has different ventilation requirements. Visit Laboratory Fume Hood Energy Model to calculate your energy needs.

Fume Hood Installation, Testing, and Certification

Once you have selected the high performance fume hood for your lab, PSA Laboratory Furniture covers both hood installation and ventilation certification. Through our testing service, every part of your new fume hood will be checked for by local, national, and industry standards. Certifications include ANSI/ASHRAE, IEST, ISO, and NSF.

Additional fume hood types from PSA Laboratory Furniture include:

Snorkel Hoods Airfoil Bypass Hoods Add Air Fume Hoods Low Bench Fume Hoods Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods Radioisotope Hoods
Walk-In Fume Hoods Demonstration Hoods Canopy Hoods Variable Air Volume (VAV) Fume Hoods Thin Wall Hoods All Fume Hoods

Ask our award-winning lab designers which type of fume hood is best for your applications. Build a new lab or remodel your current facility with PSA laboratory Furniture.

Ready to order? Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture to order high performance fume hoods for your facility now.
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