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Lab Furniture for Additional Industries

Custom Laboratory Spaces

PSA Laboratory Furniture has designed, supplied, and installed furniture to labs across the country in every industry. Your lab’s design will depend on its industry and how it will be used.

Aggregate Mining Excavator WheelAggregate and Mining Labs

Mining facilities usually need on-site labs to perform quality checks and testing on aggregate. Yet quarries are not an ideal location for sterile laboratories. You can keep all your equipment safe in an on-site lab designed by PSA Laboratory Furniture. Our expert designers offer flexible furniture systems for completely custom lab spaces.

With aggregate used in everything from concrete road construction to building foundations, on- and off-site mining labs have to be versatile. Casework and tables on locking castor wheels can be moved around to suit your changing needs.

Metallurgical Labs

Metallurgical work is a fine science. Metal samples often undergo repeated testing to check for hardness, grain size, corrosion, and more. PSA Laboratory Furniture designs and installs laboratories for metallurgical research and manufacturing.

Metallurgical Smelting ProcessMetallurgical labs provide:

Stay safe when working with metal by using proper ventilation. Fume hoods designed and installed by PSA experts provide a safer work environment.

Laboratory Designs for Custom Work

PSA Laboratory Furniture is a global leader in lab designs and outfitting. We have worked with all types of labs around the world in every industry imaginable. Maybe you need a flexible furniture system to spread out your equipment. Or maybe you need permanent, sturdy casework with high chemical resistance. No matter how specified your work, our designers will create the right lab for your needs. Just contact our team today to get an estimate on your new lab’s design.

Lab Equipment Testing and Certification

After installing your new lab furniture, PSA has ventilation equipment testing and certification. Our certification experts ensure your lab meets workplace safety standards and industry-specific regulatory compliances. Our testing includes:

PSA Laboratory Furniture handles every aspect of your new lab. Build a new, industry-specific lab with our experts now.

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture for a free laboratory design estimate.
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