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Fume Hoods

Fume hoods for laboratory clean air

Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods

Perchloric Acid Lab Fume HoodsPreventing Explosions in the Workplace with Lab Safety Equipment

In a recent report released by OSHA, workplace fires and explosions cause more than 200 deaths and 5,000 injuries to workers every year. Although various industries are included in the report, it’s no surprise to discover many laboratories were included in these statistics. Perchloric acid is just one highly reactive substance responsible for these lab incidents. Properly manufactured perchloric acid fume hoods installed by the professionals of PSA Laboratories reduces the risk of lab accidents.

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Besides offering protection against the detonation of different chemical and gas reactions, our fume hoods come with a number of other features worth mentioning:

Fume Hood Specifications

Purpose Reducing Turbulence of Airflow through the Unit
Benefits Improving Efficiency & Performance
Dimensions 7/32” Safety Glass Panel, 18”H Sash Lock
Materials White Resin-Chem, Nylon, Epoxy, Stainless Steel
Lighting Vapor Proof T-8 Fluorescent Light Fixture with Bulbs
Build 16 Ga. Internal Structural Frame
Other Gasketed Access Panel

Custom Lab Designs for New and Remodeled Facilities

PSA Laboratory Furniture designs and remodels lab facilities all over the world. We build every element of your new lab, incorporating the latest ventilation systems and safety equipment to protect your laboratory. If your lab regularly deals with perchloric acid, we have stainless steel metal casework made to resist all sorts of chemicals.

Safe Labs Start with Certified Fume Hoods

Providing ventilation to your laboratory isn’t just essential for keeping emissions under control. Fume hoods are an essential tool laboratory technicians around the world use to keep explosions from occurring when they’re working with dangerous materials. The best way to prevent accidental reactions from perchloric acid in the workplace is simple: turn to PSA Laboratory Furniture when you need a new fume hood installed in your lab! We test and certify every ventilation systems we install.

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