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Metal lab furniture can be found in laboratories all over the world. It’s no surprise – metal can last for decades, is easy to maintain, and resists corrosion, chemicals, and abrasions. PSA Laboratory Furniture designs labs with metal furniture made from welded tubular steel, modular steel, or stainless steel. Upgrade your lab and contact our designers to get started.

We have metal:

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Benefits of Metal Casework for Laboratories

Steel is the basis of all our metal lab furniture. Whether modular or stainless, this material has many advantages over resins and wood-based casework. Of all the steel we offer, stainless is the most popular and carries the most beneficial properties:

Stainless steel furniture combines long-lasting durability with a modern aesthetic. Well-maintained steel lasts for decades without needing to be replaced. For these reasons, steel is a clear winner for creating metal lab benches and storage cabinets.

Modular Steel Lab Island and Cabinets

Another bonus of metal? Steel maintenance is simple thanks to an epoxy powder coating add on our lab cabinets. The coating adds to steel’s natural strength and resistance to damage from corrosive materials, heat, chemicals, and surface abrasions.

Design or Remodel a Lab with Metal Cabinets

If you’re in charge of designing a new lab from scratch, figuring out what you need can be daunting. Even remodeling a lab can be a challenge. You need to figure out how to maximize space, promote safety, and stay within your budget. Metal furniture is often the solution to your main design problems.

PSA Laboratory Furniture’s award winning designers will create specific lab configurations for your facility to match your needs space, storage, safety, and appearance. In fact, check out some of our past stainless steel laboratory furniture installations to see how we can build your lab.

Metal Laboratory Furniture for Industries

Tall Steel Lab Cabinets for StorageOur metal lab cabinets have been installed in laboratories all over the world. Just a few of the industries we’ve worked with include:

Many of these labs require sterile countertops, prompting them to pick stainless steel. Contact PSA to learn which furniture products are best for your industry.

Additional Lab Furniture Materials

Metal lab furniture isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, PSA Laboratory Furniture has affordable alternatives to metal casework. We carry cabinets and counters made from epoxy resin, wood, marble, and lab-grade laminates. Our designers will determine which materials are best for you based on your lab’s work.

In addition to supplying metal lab furniture, PSA installs new lab furniture. We’ll even test and certify the safety equipment. PSA Laboratory Furniture is the preferred choice in stainless steel laboratory outfitting.

Design your lab with metal cabinets and casework and contact PSA Laboratory Furniture experts.
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