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California Laboratory Cabinets and Installation

California Lab CabinetsCalifornia Laboratory Design

The professionals at PSA have made award-winning designs for laboratories all over the country. Even though we are based in Milwaukee, we have designed high-quality laboratories for clients all over the world, including:

We provide consultation services throughout the design process to ensure you’ll have the best laboratory possible when all is said and done.

Lab Cabinets & Equipment

All of our cabinets, tables, fume hoods and accessories are built to laboratory specifications. We design furniture fully customizable with lab accessories, including cabinets, tables, fume hoods, and fixtures. No matter what type of products you need, PSA will provide you with the best and highest-quality equipment.

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Laboratory Installation in Los Angeles

A good lab is only useful when its equipment and furniture is installed correctly and accurately. The professionals at PSA have years of experience installing high-quality laboratories all over the world. We continuously consult you and your company to give you accurate price estimates, giving you the best end result.

Laboratory Certification in San Francisco

Our team of professionals and certification experts are trained and equipped to ensure your laboratory maintains regulatory compliance standards. We will test your laboratory containment devices, including fume hoods, lab cabinets, clean rooms, and laminar flow hoods so they meet certification standards.

Contact the experts at PSA Laboratory Furniture to discuss lab design and installation for your California workspace.
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