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Water and Wastewater Lab Furniture

Benches, Casework, and Cabinets for Aquatic Research

Water Purification LabPSA Laboratory Furniture designs, delivers, and installs lab furniture for water and wastewater facilities around the world. We’ve worked with facilities around the world to create the best laboratories for working with water.

Water labs we’ve designed specialize in:

We’ve built lab facilities for entire communities to manage their water usage. From basic water testing to wastewater control, PSA Laboratory Furniture will design the right lab for your facility.

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Custom Lab Products

At PSA Laboratory Furniture, we offer all the best products for use in all types of water labs. We carry everything from basic cabinetry to advanced fume hood ventilation systems. Our flexible furniture systems come on wheels for easy reconfiguration. Or consider classic wood benches and casework to give your lab a traditional look.

Customize your lab with a variety of color options. Have a certain style you’re interested in? Ask us how to achieve it!

Water Analysis BeakersLaboratory Furniture Installation

After you have a lab design, our team delivers and installs every piece. We work efficiently to get your lab fully furnished in a timely fashion. You’ll have minimal downtime as we assemble your new facility.

If you prefer to set up your own lab, we can arrange for delivery only. Our installers will provide over-the-phone assistance if needed.

Water Lab Certification Services in the Midwest

Once your laboratory space if fully installed, our technicians will perform basic equipment tests to certify everything is working up to standard. PSA Laboratory Furniture can arrange annual inspections for water labs in the Midwest.

Water and wastewater labs we’ve designed include:

Learn more about our past work with designing and installing furniture for water labs across the US.

Contact PSA Laboratory furniture to learn about designing your water or wastewater lab.
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