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Metal Cabinet Design, Delivery, and Installation for Laboratories

Professional laboratories need to carefully balance space saving storage and durable work surfaces. The solution is cabinets from PSA Laboratory Furniture. Our stainless steel casework and benches come in many widths and heights to provide convenient, out-of-the-way storage for all your lab supplies. We have many metal and wood cabinet styles available:

New Lab Cabinets

Our lab cabinets and benches are made from stainless steel, high quality wood, and plastic laminates. Stainless steel metal lab cabinets are popular across all industries. All surfaces of the cabinets are painted or zinc plated. Check out our standard color options to see what styles are possible for your lab.

Countertop materials for these cabinets include:

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Standing and Sitting Height Metal Lab CabinetsStanding Height Cabinets for Laboratories

PSA Laboratory Furniture has standing height cabinets available for use in labs. These raised workstations make it easy to stand comfortably while performing research or experiments.

Widths for our standing height cabinets include:

Drawings of Sitting Height CabinetsSitting Height Cabinets

Sitting height cabinets are lower than the standing units. These are ideal for labs where workers will spend most of their time seated or for classrooms.

Cabinet widths:

Corner Lab Cabinets

Corner Lab Cabinet Designed by PSAOur corner cabinets are made to take advantage of every square foot in your lab. An optional lazy Susan will keep the interior organized.

Wall Cabinets

As the name suggests, wall cabinets are made to fit flush along the walls where they are placed. Door options vary, including glass hinged and glass sliding so you can see what is inside at all times.

Cabinet widths:

Tall Lab Cabinets

We have tall lab cabinets if you require even more storage. These units are 84” tall with a depth of 16” or 21”.

Cabinet widths:

Drawing of Chemical CabinetsSafe Chemical Lab Cabinets

Our chemical lab cabinets are made for the storage of acid and flammable substances. The cabinet for acid is coated with a high tech performance polymer alloy. Our flammable cabinet meets NFPA 45 requirements.

Used Lab Benches and Worktables

Lab benches differ from cabinets since they do not have shelving underneath the worktable. Instead, there is an open area where larger equipment can be stored. They can also double as desks in certain labs. Our tables can be made with drawers or adjustable shelving above the work surface. Select the right leg and apron dimensions for your lab when you design a custom bench with PSA Laboratory Furniture experts. We have a limited supply of used cabinets, tables, and benches.

Steel and Epoxy Lab TableTables are available in:

We also provide mobile tables to create flexible furniture systems.

Lab Furniture Delivery and Installation

PSA Laboratory Furniture is more than just a supplier of lab cabinets. We handle delivery and installation of your new lab furniture. We even provide chemical fume hood and ventilation system testing. From initial lab designs to final certification, PSA Laboratory Furniture offers everything your lab needs.

Learn more about all our cabinetry options and request a design for your lab from our experts!

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture for an estimate on new lab cabinets for your facility.

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