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How to Improve Lab Ventilation

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How to Improve Lab Ventilation

Using Fume Hoods and Airflow Equipment to Protect Laboratories

Lab Safety EquipmentWhen you think of lab safety, chances are you picture lab coats, goggles, and emergency showers. One of the biggest safety hazards in a laboratory is the air itself. Hazardous fumes, toxic vapors, and radioactive materials can all contaminate the air you breath. Chemicals released into the air can be bad for your health and equipment. This is way lab ventilation systems are so important. PSA Laboratory Furniture has some tips on improving your lab’s ventilation to create safer working conditions.

Improve your lab ventilation by:

  • Installing a fume hood ventilation system
  • Keeping the are under the hood clean of clutter
  • Closing the sash when the hood is not in use and keep the sash low when in operation
  • Checking the vents and ducts regularly for blockages
  • Closing the doors and windows of the lab when using the hood
  • Getting certified or re-certified regularly by PSA Laboratory Furniture

Fume Hood Operation

Chemical fume hoods are an essential part of lab ventilation systems. Available in many sizes, they can fit into any lab design to remove dangerous airborne contaminants. Professionally installed fume hoods keep the air as safe as possible for lab occupants. PSA Laboratory Furniture has countless fume hoods for safe lab ventilation.

Lab Worker Under Fume HoodProfessional Fume Hood Installation

Even the best fume hood in the world is of no use if it doesn’t work right. An incorrectly operating fume hood may continuously cycle air when it shouldn’t, leading to higher bills. Or it might not move enough air, leaving traces of hazardous fumes in the lab. Your ventilation system needs to be installed by experts to ensure air flows smoothly. This keeps the air clean and lowers energy costs.

The placement of your fume hoods is also important. PSA designers use CAD renderings to find the best spots for efficient ventilation.

Scheduled Lab Ventilation Testing and Certification

Lab ventilation is mandated by the ANSI/AIHA/ASSE Z9.5-2012 Standard in order to protect workers. We provide fume hood testing and certification after installation. For Midwestern labs in the US, we can provide regularly schedule certification so your lab stays safe and up-to-date.

View some of our past work in our fume hood equipment gallery.

Consult with PSA chemical fume hood designers to improve safety and reduce lab costs at your facility.

Popular Chemical Fume Hoods Options for Laboratories

PSA Laboratory Furniture has extensive experience installing safety equipment for labs across all industry types throughout the world. Ask our designers how to choose the right model, design and positioning for operational safety and efficiency in the laboratory.

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