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ADA Lab Compliance

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ADA Lab Compliance

Meet Changing Laboratory Furniture Standards

Americans with Disabilities ActLaboratories in the united States must be accessible to all according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Low light environments, loud noises, and crowded workstations can all make labs inaccessible to people with disabilities. ADA standards for labs cover everything from fume hoods to seating arrangements. Make sure your lab is compliant with custom furnishings from PSA Laboratory Furniture.

What Disabilities are Covered by the ADA?

  • Physical disabilities
  • Mental disabilities
  • Sensory issues
  • Cognitive impairments

ADA Safety Requirements for Labs

One of the biggest concerns in laboratories is safety. The required safety features need to be designed with all types of workers in mind. For example, an emergency eyewash station located at a standing height of 5 feet won’t help a wheelchair-bound lab worker.

Ventilation systems may need special provisions as well. Fume hoods need to be accessible to all lab techs to keep the air in the lab free from contaminants. Ceiling-mounted snorkel fume hoods will have to be reachable by everyone. At PSA Laboratory Furniture we have ADA-compliant fume hoods.

Organized Laboratories Promote Safety

Lab Tech in WheelchairA well-organized lab makes working easier for everyone. Color-coded equipment can help visually impaired persons do their job. A clutter-free floor will allow those with mobility issues to safely move around.

PSA Laboratory Furniture keeps your lab in order with storage cabinets, peg boards, and more. Contact our designers with your specs to get started. Our fast-paced team often returns initial CAD drawings within 48 hours!

The Importance of ADA Compliance in School Labs

Elementary, middle, and high schools labs in the United States are all required to meet ADA requirements for students. Planning ahead with your lab designs can ensure your school is accessible to all students.

Universities welcome students every year from all sorts of backgrounds. A flexible furniture system lets you customize your lab for your students who require additional provisions per ADA suggestions. Be ready for anything by contacting PSA Laboratory Furniture for a new school laboratory design you can modify for your students.

PSA Laboratory Furniture experts are ready to help you build a brand new lab or remodel your current facility to meet federal standards. Request an estimate on a new lab design now!

Contact PSA Laboratory Furniture to start designing an adaptable lab with ADA compliance.
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